Detail about how to draw a cat (anime)

In this article we will talk, how to draw a cat anime pencil step by step. Without much difficulty this drawing will be able to create readers who are animal lives at home.


in order to understand the issue of how to draw a cat anime step by step, it is necessary to remember about its main differences. In these animals the appearance depends on the floor. Growth of a cat is lower than "the chosen one", and her muzzle is much “careful”. The representative male is defiant. Note that after the drawing is created it can be colored with crayons or paints. You can borrow the shades of your pet, or use any combination, since the character is fictional.


Turn to the practical part of the solution to the question of how to draw a cat anime. As a result, we should have a very nice and joyful animal. This character can be colored in accordance with their own preferences. Begin to portray a cat with the head. To do this, draw a pencil circle. It needs to be slightly extended at the sides.
Go to the next step in addressing the question of how to draw a cat anime, and portray eye - put on paper a few large circles. They should be inside main. Their edges should touch the border and head circumference. Between the eyes depicted a small triangular nose. Just below the place a great joyful mouth of the animal. Teeth to portray is not necessary, because our cat is very good and does not bite.
To the eyes of a character were not hideous, they should be painted accordingly. We need to portray a large circle. His draw in the middle of the eye. Further, in the center depicted a similar geometric figure smaller. On top of the resulting “eyeball” put a couple of small circles. They should form a glare. The average range coloring black, as is the pupil. Further, as depicted the lugs kitties in accordance with the requirements of the style of anime. In practice you need to top of the head to draw the two triangles.


Proceed to the final stage of the solution to the question of how to draw a cat anime. As with the face of our character we have all procedures completed, go to the body image of an unusual animal. Ask the General shape with pencil. Remove all the excess lines. Go to the accurate portrayal of the back and the paws of a cat. Followed, a few important touches that need to be done to the question of how to draw a cat anime fully solved. In particular, we need to represent the back legs of a cat. Further depicted is a wonderful tail of an animal. Of course, any cat, even fictional, has a gorgeous mustache. Our character should not be an exception to this rule. Dorisovyvaet cat with wonderful whiskers. For this purpose, as depicted by three straight lines on each side of the muzzle. It remains to add stripes on the lugs. We are all set.