"White crucifixion": a detailed description of the paintings of Marc Chagall

Today we talk about the film «White crucifixion”. Marc Chagall-the author of this painting. The painting was created by the artist in 1938, it Happened two weeks after Kristallnacht. At that time the artist visited Europe. You can see the painting in the walls of the art Institute of Chicago. This work was sold to this institution by the architect Alfred Alshuler.


“White crucifixion” - a painting that was created by the artist under the impression of the persecution of the Jews, which took place in Eastern and Central Europe. The canvas does not reflect the actual scene, however, shows an allegory to the events. It is used in many special illustrations and symbols. Being by birth a Jew, the artist has created a large gallery of works depicting the crucifixion. The image of Jesus on the cross is for Chagall a new character. In it he put the contents of all Jews, which had suffered death of flour. Crucifixion in the paintings of the artist were his response to the brutal actions of the Nazis. From them he suffered personally in 1933, Then almost all of his paintings were destroyed. Work ‘White crucifixion” represents a premonition of the Holocaust. The same mood permeates the painting "Guernica" the authorship of Pablo Picasso, who was a contemporary of our hero.


“White crucifixion” is the canvas, which emphasizes the suffering not only of Jesus, but the Jews. On the sides are many violent actions. Among them, burning homes and synagogues, as well as the capture of the Jews. The crucifixion of Jesus is shown in the center. He's dressed in a shroud and prayer shawl, which replaces the crown of thorns. All this is a symbol of the fact that he is a Jew. The figure of Jesus on the crucifix depicted on the background that has the color of ivory. The image extends over the whole world, which is subjected to continuous destruction. At his feet there is a special semisvechny lamp.
Upper part of the canvas «White crucifixion” shows the viewer the old Testament characters, crying, watching what is happening at the moment at the bottom. The foreground shows a green figure, with shoulders bag. This element occurs in several works of Chagall. It interpretiruya as the prophet Elijah or any of the Jewish traveler. In the center of the composition visible to the boat. It is associated with the hope that the Nazis manage to escape. The upper right part of the picture shows flag of Lithuania. At that time, it was an independent state. The upper left part of the painting shows the flags of communism. This element can be considered a symbol of the persecution of the Jews – is not just a Nazi phenomenon. The author suggests that in Communist countries there was also anti-Semitism.


“White crucifixion” is one of the best creations of the artist. In this work, fully embodies continuous meditation Chagall's about events that happen in the world around him. The artist's thoughts is incredibly tragic. Shades of Apocalypse is here were the main. The picture is not a reflection of the story of the gospel, it demonstrates the modernity of the author.