Details of how to draw food

Today we'll show you how to draw food with pencil step by step. This question we consider a few examples. Among them will be as sweet and savoury culinary masterpieces.


First of all, the question of how to draw food, try to solve the example pancakes. Let's start with the layout of the space. After that portrayed the first pancake. To portray a stack, you need to show its rough and ragged edges. The next stage - drawing the pancakes. For credibility, as depicted by the curving edge. Added the plate that the pancakes do not rest on an empty place. The highlight of the picture add a fresh strawberry on the top of the pastries. Next, go to the tone work. Each pancake should cast a shadow.


Now consider how to draw food, for example sweets. First define the shape of future objects. We should get one candy in the package and one in expanded form. To draw the wrapper, enough to a rectangle to add bows on each side. Next on the packaging of the depicted curves. Added to the label inscriptions. Create the shadow.

Other options

Now consider how to draw food, for example pizza. The first depicted a large circle, which will be the basis of our dishes. Inside create a similar geometric shape with smaller diameter. The result can be a bit like a target. A smaller circle represented different ingredients. You can draw greens, mushrooms and pepper. Also add the olives, Basil leaves, slices of cheese and tomatoes. In the end, divide the dish into triangular pieces. Watch later how to draw food like watermelon. Depicted an uneven circle. Add on top of the stem. Then share the circle with thin lines and get the meridians of watermelon. Add a few jagged lines. They must run along the meridians.