How to draw a realistic footing?

If you love to draw and decided to go to the picture of shoes, then you can start with shoes. Drawing them is easy, you can do it quickly. So, how to draw sneakers in stages with a simple pencil? Get started.

Start to draw shoes with a pencil

prepare For the beginning of all the objects you need for drawing. This paper, a simple pencil, a quality eraser (if you don't want to spoil the picture daubs, do not purchase cheap eraser). If you wish, take colored pencils markers or crayons. How to draw sneakers? Think of what angle will be shown shoes. If you draw sneakers side view, you should start with the soles. Draw a horizontal line. After the outline of the soles, move on to the heel, the tongue and seat, grasping the shaft. When we learn to draw with pencil sneakers, be sure to pay attention to the tongue.

It's gonna act. It is for this detail is often clear that the figure is not shoes or sneakers, and definitely sneakers.

Finish the picture properly

the Sketch is ready. Now it is important to complete the picture. Draw again the sole. Do not forget that it is not consists of a single line. Show it on a sheet of paper. Do not forget that the sole sports Shoe should be wide enough. Lightly apply pencil to the front of the Shoe holes for laces and then a shoelace. How to draw sneakers of a certain brand? It is enough to “attach” to the tongue or side of the Shoe label known sports company. Now to finally finish all the details of the shoes, erase the extra lines that helped you in your work. If you want, paint your creation with crayons, markers or pens.

don't forget about the important details

When you draw a sports Shoe it is important to consider some nuances. Remember that the shoes – hard shoes, the foot it holds its shape.

Rather, the heel is always in place, it is stationary. But the toe can change shape, that is to bend. It is important – after all, sneakers created for Jogging and exercise. If you play in sneakers running man, don't forget about this particular Shoe. In the place where the runner's foot touches the ground, apply a bit more hatching in pencil. This will allow you to create the figure of the shadow that will make the image more realistic.

How to draw sneakers child?

Child can not very realistic to carry things on paper. But to draw the children love. How to draw sneakers child? Pattern need to start with the soles, turning to the rest of the details. This will not do. May he begin to outline the entire contour of the Shoe. Then at the bottom of the sketch you need to draw three horizontal parallel lines. Would make a great sole. Now we need a schematic to describe the lining and lacing. Laces better portray the intersecting crosswise, it is a simple job even for a child. Now you need to give the Shoe personality. How to draw sneakers youth style? On the shoes need to be several lines of different orientation. This design is just preferred by young people and teenagers. The dotted line ‘flash’ running shoes. The Shoe is finished.

similar to the first you want to portray and other shoes. Now the child can color the picture, because all children love and appreciate the brightness in the works. Boys love black sneakers (and grey and blue) and girls more likely to choose the more expressive colors – red, pink, yellow. Your soles of athletic shoes it is best to leave white.