How to draw a zipper with a pencil and using a computer editor?

Often children who don't know how to draw what you want, ask to make it parents. What to do if the child asks to draw a storm? The first thing he wants to see on a paper sheet lightning and heavy threatening clouds. This article will teach you how to draw with a pencil in stages lightning, clouds, storm.

a cloud Drawn in pencil

To begin, prepare the workplace. Take a clean sheet of paper and a pencil (preferably sharpened).

In the middle of the leaf sketch the outline of the oval – is the future storm cloud. If you cannot draw the oval on the move, make it so. Vertical and horizontal line to divide the paper in half, you get a cross. Now zakruglenie this shape will be oval. Now on the borders of silhouette is neatly depicted the edges of the clouds. They should remind lamb. The distance between the curves of the clouds maintain roughly one centimeter. You will surround storm cloud.

How to draw a zipper?

Now that the cloud is ready, it's time to play out lightning. To do it just – on the underside of the clouds put to paper a few broken lines (surely everyone knows what it looks like lightning). Now next to each of the lines finish on a parallel line, so that their ends met at the bottom. You will make a nice, pleasing child zip. Now it's time to complete the illustration – decorate the cloud. This can be done with light wavy and semicircular lines inside the clouds. Now you and your child know how to draw a zipper with a pencil. If desired, add in color or a darker shade with a simple pencil.

lightning and cloud may be selected as a pattern, and the interesting element of the landscape.

How to draw a lightning on the computer?

Many people tried to catch the shot of lightning, but this is not very simple. Photos of storms and lightning looks mysterious, fascinating and very beautiful. You can draw a zipper with the usual "Photoshop". How to do it?
  • first you need to find a photo for the basics. The sky must be dark and grey, well, if there will be heavy clouds. Open the photo editor "Photoshop".
  • Create a new layer.
  • go to "Tools". Select the "Rectangular area". This tool highlight a wide area on a new layer.
  • This area fill with gradient. Do this carefully as the casting – an important step in the work. How you do gradient fills, depends on the appearance of the future lightning.

  • In the menu "Filter" submenu to find "Rendering". There, click on the button called "Cloud overlay".
  • Then in the menu "Image" - "Adjustments," then click "Inverse". After performing this action you will receive the zipper white.
  • Move the check boxes that appears, watching the change in lightning.

Continue to draw the zipper in the editor

Lightning in the sky, drawn with the editor, it looks like a real. Continue to learn to draw it.
  • Again select "Image", click "background Color". Then click "Rendering". Try different variations of colors that are suitable for you.
  • Hold the keyboard Ctrl + T and reduce the lightning to a desired size while holding down the Shift key. This will keep the aspect ratio.
  • Change the mode to "replacing the light".
  • Find the tool "Clarifier". With it, you need to identify the place where the zipper. Move the tool to the desired location and drag it with the mouse. Do not release the mouse button.
Now you know how to draw lightning with a simple pencil on paper, and also learned how to portray a thunderstorm with a computer editor. It is very interesting for both children and adults.