Berthe Morisot. The path of the artist

the Name of Berthe Morisot is inextricably linked to the impressionist era. The only woman in the circle of “Les Miserables”, a successful artist, Muse, la femme fatale of her time... Berthe Morisot during his short but bright life he managed to conquer the summit of picturesque mount Olympus and forever leave an indelible mark in the history of painting.

Youth and early successes

the Future artist was born on 14 Jan 1841 in the family of rich merchants. She and Berta and her sister Edma early began to show interest in painting. Maybe his role in the inclinations of the sisters was played by heredity – they had great-nieces Jean Honore Fragonard the.
French manners and society of that time did not encourage a serious hobby girls painting. Two sisters is a professional artist became Berthe Morisot.
her Biography contains many interesting facts about the meeting with the famous barbitone Camille Corot. he had a direct influence on her development as an artist, taught the techniques of skill in the transfer game of light and shade, instilled a love of landscape painting and working EN plein air.
in the 23 years of work by Berthe Morisot, was shown at the Paris salon. For six years the paintings of the young artist selected for an official exhibitions of the Academy of fine arts. It was recognition of her talent the highest artistic light at the time.

the Muse of Edouard Manet

Impressionism as a new direction in painting became more popular. In 1686 there is a meeting, which turns the whole future and career of the artist. Berthe Morisot meets Edouard Manet, whose work she genuinely admires.
Between this girl and the artist tied a very peculiar novel. He asks her to pose for his paintings, introduces the circle of the Impressionists and presents to your friends. The painting “Bakon” presented Eduard Manet at a regular Salon, secured Morisot's reputation as a femme fatale.
However, as noted by biographers, the relationship was always Platonic and never crossed the limits of decency of that time. The sessions for the "Balcony" Berthe Morisot is invariably visited by his mother, and Manet, in spite of the liberty of nature, never crossed the line with her. He captured it on his canvases 16, leaving her image in history as the slightly sad, melancholic, but always beautiful women.

Berthe Morisot paintings and experiments

Impressionism as a new trend in painting was in tune with the tastes and moods of the artist. In 1874 she leaves the official Salon, and is adjacent to the community “rejected” of the Impressionists. Therefore, Berthe Morisot was the first and the only female impressionist.
Legacy of the artist has about 400 works. In addition to the free impressionistic brushwork, games with light, bright colors, her work is marked by a special softness, lyricism. Portrait images created by it have a special intimacy, in landscapes there is a light haze derived from the style of Corot.
First solo exhibition of Morisot was held in 1892, three years before the death of the artist.

Late marriage

Despite the tender and passionate feelings that Berthe Morisot had for Edouard Manet, and she married his brother. It is difficult to assess the motives of this act. At that time the artist was already 33 years-old age for that time.
Parents Morisot with distrust and skepticism belonged to Eugène Manet, however, insisted on the marriage of his daughter. A woman at this age is not supposed to be alone.
Union was successful. Eugene supported his wife in her work and stayed with her until her death in 1895.