"The Annunciation" - Leonardo da Vinci: two masterpieces of the master

“Annunciation” – Leonardo da Vinci on the classic Bible story. The image of the virgin Mary before announcing the angel addressed by many artists from the middle Ages to avant-garde. During the Renaissance, this story was depicted in the paintings of the great masters countless times. However, none of them attracted much attention of researchers and admirers of art from around the world, as the masterpiece of Leonardo.

Vinci, the “Annunciation”: a description of the painting and other stories

Leonardo da Vinci at least once in my life even heard of someone feeling beautiful deeply alien. Often, however, and the art connoisseurs stumble on the fact that, in fact, the great genius had no surname in the conventional sense.
Leonardo of Vinci – so translated literally, the name of the artist. From this small town in Tuscany, he began his ascent to the top of the beautiful craftsmanship.
Fourteen-year-old teenager Leonardo entered the workshop of Florentine painter Andrea Verrocchio. Just six years he will write his first “Annunciation”.
Leonardo da Vinci written in 1472-1475. It still features the art of the Early Renaissance. The young artist leaves the traditional composition, static and verified. Architectural details and furnishings of strict geometric shapes prescribed in strict compliance with the laws linear perspective
Figure of the Archangel and the virgin Mary is conventionally divided elongated horizontal format of the work into two parts. In one the Archangel Gabriel against a background of decorative cold landscape symbolizes the heavenly world. In the other – Mary on the doorstep. It belongs to another world of earth. In accordance with the canons of the image, the artist depicts her majestically seated in front of a Bible that lay open on an elegant marble pedestal.

From tradition to your own manner

Early work of a young painter still full of traditional clichés, and yet it appears unique brushwork of Leonardo, which will distinguish his later masterpieces. The full force of the talent of 21-year-old artist fully demonstrates the first “Annunciation”.
Leonardo da Vinci is still full of hardened, unnatural beauty. Decorative details fill it, emphasizing the greatness of the moment. And at the same time, biblical images devoid of pathos.
figure of the Archangel froze in motion, he holds out his hand in a characteristic gesture, the other holding a stem of white lilies as a symbol of purity and innocence of the virgin Mary. It is depicted quite tangible, in tight clothes with heavy folds under his feet the trampled grass. It is proportionate and the figure is still the earthly Mary and the landscape, and the whole earth environment.
Image of Mary is also devoid of iconic grandeur. She's still a Queen, sits on his bench-throne, raising his head and quietly looking at the messenger. However this is the earth young girl. In a sign of the adoption news, she gracefully raises his hand.

“Annunciation” – Leonardo da Vinci? Interesting facts

for a Long time around the pictures did not abate battle of the experts. Many were inclined to consider it a work of Ghirlandaio and not the young Leonardo.
Picture was later exposed to the intervention, which made it more difficult the attribution. The unknown author has greatly increased the wings of the Archangel, making them grotesquely large. Surviving diaries and sketches of the artist talking about what he's drawing them with the bird, and, most likely, in the original version they were much more modest.
However, despite the incomplete fragments, many details, no doubt, point to the hand of the artist: recognizable misty rocky landscape in the background, the face of the Archangel, reminiscent of the first angel painted by Leonardo in the painting of his teacher, expressive, with anatomical accuracy of the transferred hands, Golden curls and heavy drapery on the figure. All these features undoubtedly indicate that the “Annunciation” – a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Second virgin

two years Later, Leonardo wrote another work on the same story. Today, this small Board is kept in the collections of the Louvre. Despite the similarity in the composition, the second picture is more intimacy, the intimacy of the image. It is already fully describes the unique features of the painting style of Leonardo.

We examined the painting “Annunciation” - Leonardo da Vinci. Photos allow you to compare the image of the virgin Mary with the first and second picture and see what new features it has acquired.