David Hockney: the biography and information

David Hockney is one of the founders of pop art, artist, photographer, set designer, schedule. Since 2012 the owner of British membership of the order of Merit. It is called a classic of British art, and his works are among the most expensive in the world. His famous painting “Surge” has been sold for almost $ 5.5 million.

David Hockney: the biography

Hockney was born July 9, 1937. He hails from the small English town of Bradford, which is located in the County of West Yorkshire. His family was strict morals. The boy's parents were greatly revered Church tradition. Despite this, young David had character quick-tempered and rebellious. From an early age the boy was interested in drawing. The development of the hobby contributed to David's father-Ken Hockney. He worked as an accountant, but interest in painting, he had appeared for a long time and in my spare time a man was engaged in painting, and in the evenings he took lessons in painting.


After graduating from high school, David Hockney (photo above) he enrolled in the art Institute. The study went smoothly, the talent of the young man revealed at a later date. However, at this time actively manifested rebellious character of David. For the release of the Institute I was required to write thesis project, but the young artist refused to do it. The school administration threatened him with non-issuance of diploma. In response to the threat Hockney draws a sketch called "Thesis". Despite the folly of the young man, the administration of the Institute went to meet him and gave a certificate of graduation.


After completing his studies at the Institute of Hackney falls into the civil service. At this time the young man did not remain indifferent to political life. He draws a few posters on nuclear disarmament. Returning two years later, David goes to London and entered the Royal College of art.

a New way of life

this time the young man met the famous American artist R. China, visiting many exhibitions, familiar with the work of Picasso. The paintings of the famous artist made an impression on David, eight times he visits the exhibition of his works.
In 1961, David Hockney is a participant of exhibition of young contemporaries.
This period left an imprint on the Outlook of Hockney. He changes his attitude to life and to creativity. A young man decides to go to America.

Life in America

Settling in new York, David Hockney starts Dating with many interesting people, including Andy Warhol. Communication with a famous personality in the world of pop art and the glamour and traffic of the big city inspire the young man to write a series of engravings (“the Adventures of a young rake”). The main active character of the paintings was a young man – a provincial, not yet experienced in the modern world of opportunity.

First order

David was a success, and he gets the first order. He had to create the scenery for the Opera festival in Glynbourne, held in 1975.
Life in America conquered Hockney. Soon he decides to move to Los Angeles. It was here that he revealed as a talented artist and gets fame and recognition. The main themes of his works are: the interaction of light and water, as well as the beauty of the male body.
In 1963, David has been lecturing in American universities.
In 1968, held the first exhibition of the artist. 70-e and 80-e years go for Hockney in intensive work. He was commissioned to create a series of prints devoted to Picasso, again deals with registration of theatrical performances and productions, creating a gorgeous scenery.
1977 David Hockney wrote a book with his memoirs, which was given the name “David Hockney”. 16 years later the artist released his biography called “Exactly what I see”.

David Hockney - photographer

At the same time a young man begins to photograph and succeeds in this. The unusual sight of an artist can do even on small photo camera "Polaroid".
In 1982 in Paris held an exhibition of photographs by Hockney. At the same time, he released a book (David Hockney: photos). All this brings him glory a wonderful, talented photographer, one of the leading masters of his time.

80 years of Hockney spent the main business of his life-painting. During this period, beginning to use computer innovations, faxes, copiers. The young artist is experimenting and trying to print their work at the printers, and sends them by Fax.


David Hockney-artist who works easily in a variety of genres and styles. He has many works in the traditional manner, and found unusual and experimental ways of painting.
his paintings left an imprint of nature, which surrounded him, straight lines of the skyscrapers and new architectural creations. He pays much attention to colors and light. A big role in the paintings of David Hockney plays pool and mirrors. The pool was for a young artist, the epitome of luxury and beautiful life, which so many he saw in America. In addition, the pool perfectly reflected the light and gave a glare, giving the opportunity to play with colors and shades.
Artist writes on the order, preferring to work for friends, relatives and close friends. This is also evident in his paintings. It not only perfectly depicts the appearance of people, it shows their inner world.

David Hockney, "Big surge”

One of the most famous paintings is his work titled “Surge”. The picture was painted in just two weeks. The artist wanted to convey the play of light and color of water. Inspiration, Hockney has been drawing technique of Leonardo Da Vinci. The ability to show the viewer a moment that lasts only a few seconds fascinated him, and the result has justified itself. Picture unusual that passes only a moment. This creation was sold in 2006 for almost $ 5.5 million.

Other works by the artist

a Lot of Hockney and other famous works. For example, “Peter is chosen by…”. The painting depicts a young man going out of the water. On the canvas the artist depicted his young friend and his Muse. Originally it was just a photo. The picture was painted from a photograph, which has made David Hockney. The artist's work is very versatile. He uses different styles, trying to convey the idea.

Frequently in his works, the artist uses the theme of mirrors. Several pictures he writes using the mirror image. Sometimes he paints his reflection, or the reflection of other people.

Secret knowledge

David Hockney is the one who solved one of the mysteries of the artists of the Renaissance. This period is characterized by a clean lines, abundance of flowers and light in the paintings, the most realistic portraits. What was the riddle era? Long time nobody was able to solve it.
one day, David Hockney decided to look at the work of one of the artists of the time through a magnifying glass, and later printed on their copier for more detailed study. Secret knowledge David Hockney was to use artists mirrors. Important inventions of the time were the camera obscura and camera Lucida. The image was projected onto the canvas, and then simply appeared.

His innocence, he was able to prove by example the many paintings of artists of that era. One of his discoveries was the abundance of lefties in the paintings of artists (after all, mirror everything reflected upside down).
Use of mirrors gave the opportunity to draw a clearer line to portray the correct shades and reflections of light, because when you move the artist's image is not changed.

Book of knowledge

the famous artist was supported by the American physicist and Professor of optics – Charles Falco. He has co-authored books on the opening.
Theory of secret knowledge became the subject of numerous discussions and disputes. There are supporters opening, and his opponents. In any case, “Secret knowledge" does not detract from the talent of the artists, indeed, any artistic technique – just a way for the author to convey his vision of the world and paintings.
After the publication of the book, it was decided to shoot the film in English. The author of the film was David Hockney. “Secret title’ in Russian published later.


In 1988, Hockney was awarded the photographic society progress medal, and in 1989, the artist was the winner of the Imperial award.
In 1990, the artist wanted to build knights, but he refused. Did not accept it and offer to paint a portrait of the Queen.
in 2012 gave Hockney a new surprise - he was invited to become a member of the British order of Merit. This award goes to for his great contribution to art, science, the development of the armed forces and other major achievements.
order is Headed by the British monarch. Among its members is always only 24 people, the number living at the moment. The decision on admission of a new member remains with the Queen.

the Life of an artist at the moment

After a long period of living in America David Hockney decides to return to his home in Yorkshire, choosing the Spa Bridlington. Here the family Hockney Villa, which formerly belonged to his mother.

David Hockney continues to paint. The works painted in this period form the basis of exhibitions at the Royal Academy of arts. David Hockney inspire change. A simple change of seasons has become for him something long-forgotten. After thirty long years of living in California forever hot to feel the cool fresh air and to see gives way to the weather, it was the artist pleasantly surprised.

Looks and tastes Hockney

David continues to lead an active life. Hockney, as a dog lover, support for hound hunting. He even speaks at demonstrations with the support of this sports direction. An artist against the mandatory use of seat belt in the car.
Hockney is an avid smoker, having 56 years experience. He enjoys time, not limiting themselves. David Hockney is one of those who lights a cigarette from the previous one. Naturally, he was unpleasantly surprised by the introduction of the Smoking ban in pubs. As an active smoker, he advocates the abolition of this decision.
Artist has a negative attitude to military action in Iraq and gives his opinion about the unification of Europe.
Hockney continues to create in his unique style. His paintings continue to enjoy great success and regularly held exhibitions of works by David Hockney.