Stylized portrait on canvas: description and features

What can surprise the modern person? After all, the era of nanotechnology and special effects to make it seem challenging. However, art has no limits in the ideological perfection. Stylized portraits on canvas can be a real surprise for everyone and to give fireworks a rainbow of emotions. The variety of styles, computer or manual work will become a true decoration for any home. Get acquainted with the peculiarities of the creative work.


Create such masterpieces digital artists. The entire process of creating a stylized portrait is placed in several stages:
  • Prep. the Customer chooses the right photo for processing. And the artist, in turn, creates a stylistic sketches, which organically will look future portraits.
  • . After approval of the selection, the wizard proceeds directly to the drawing. To do this he uses a tablet or a computer and special graphical editing programs. Real brush this artist replaces the virtual pen.
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  • Termination. After the portrait will be accepted and approved by the customer in electronic form, the master can proceed to printing. But this action is not performed on paper and canvas of linen or cotton. Then, at the customer's request, fabric can be arranged in the frame.


Most challenging point is the choice of topics, which will feature a stylized portrait. The arts are quite diverse, and today there are more than a dozen. And the imagination of the artists knows no boundaries. Among creative achievements is a stylized animated character, street graffiti or paintings of a famous designer Shepard Fairey. will look at the most popular.

pencil drawing

With pencil drawings starts any work of art. However, modern masters is a self - sufficient technique. Using clever manipulation, the artist can paint a stylized portrait not only in classic black and white style, but also give the images of the song glow, volume, and even a certain color.

Watercolor portrait

Intermediate style between painting and drawing is watercolor. This inflorescence of the children's enthusiasm and blurred lines. In reality, these drawings are short-lived. However draughty the way, full of romance and nostalgia, lightness and colors can be implemented by the master in a more artistic and durable masterpiece. For this portrait, stylized watercolor, will only require pigmented inks and canvas.


a Lot of comfort and reflection can be found in grunge style. He continues to well-known musical tradition and makes the portrait the quiet, muted tones, some roughness and antihumanist. At the same time, portrait, stylized, grunge, carries a certain charge of energy, ready to literally explode at any moment. In the technique uses special filters and the effect of artificially worn palette. Such works can be presented to extraordinary people who are constantly in creative search.

low Poly

the Style of low Poly – this is a vivid example of interaction between art and technology. He came to us from the computer industry. In this embodiment, the image, like a puzzle, composed of many polygons, or polygons. This feature is associated with the first 3D images when computer science was still far from perfect.
Style of low Poly firmly in our lives. People began to imagine themselves as computer characters and carry their images in real life by means of images, performed manually or using graphic editors. This quality can be used to stylize a portrait in photoshop. Today it is a trend design. Originality emphasizes the connection of the canvas with a digital style.


Fans of oil paintings of Dutch artists the 15th century will appreciate the portrait, stylized painting. This is the most popular and sought after genre in contemporary art. This technique gives elitism, aristocratism. Once they were considered finished after long hours of posing. In rare cases, the silhouette was a figment of the imagination of the artist.
Today to create a stylized portrait in photoshop only using a digital photograph. Of course, not a secondary role is played by the entourage of the image of man. For painting successful landscapes are considered, retro decor, Studio penumbra, etc. Although a professional artist sometimes it just doesn't. First he makes a collage, and then stylize it. The process is much like natural painting. The only difference are the tools. Instead of the usual easel and brushes and palette in the hands of a master is a compact tablet.

Historical style

In childhood everybody dreams to try the costume of musketeer or of the character or the outfit of the Emperor or Empress. Here imagination can be limitless. But who said you need to rent theatrical scenery, dresses? The graphic editor will bring the dream in a luxurious fabric that will carry the memory and a vivid impression through the many years. Historical portrait committed to participate in the game of transformations and touch a child's dream. It will require literally just the face of the addressee, all the rest – it's a matter of artistic techniques.

What pictures are suitable for stylized portraits?

Often customers are in doubt about the choice of photos. There is a perception that this job requires a clear, colored pictures, made in studios by a professional photographer. However, a good master can work with virtually any material: the frame of video, old black-and-white pictures, mobile pictures or from social networks. Expert graphic editing software first will scan and process the picture, and then proceed to stylize the portrait.
it is Worth remembering that these canvases will fit and family, wedding photos, picture of a child or beloved pet. Work for the artist, of course, more complicated, and the process will affect the amount of the fee. But such a gift will be the most memorable and original.


the Important role played by the design of the fabric. After the usual canvas, mounted on wooden slats, will look tacky and lonely. The choice of the frame depends on the style of the portrait. So, for the classic paintings of a wooden, varnished frame with or without patterns. Its width should visually harmonize with the size of the portrait. In the numerical characteristics of this correlation are as follows:
[table]<tbody>[tr][td]size of the portrait.
[/td][td]Width of frame
[/td][/tr][tr][td]40x50 cm
[/td][td]3 cm
[/td][/tr][tr][td]60x80 cm
[/td][/tr][tr][td]120x80 cm
[/td][td]9 cm
[/td][/tr]</tbody>[/table]Canvas is in a contemporary style, can be enclosed in a thin frame of other materials (plastic, metal, etc.). Importantly, holistic look looked organic.
Another important point is the color of the frame. If the portrait contains a stylized warm tone, it is logical to pick up a brown or gold decoration. If, by contrast, is dominated by cold shades, it will look perfect with a silver frame. For portraits, a stylized figure with a pencil fit slim classic black frame.
a Generic rule to create these unique paintings is their compliance with the tastes of the customer, the nature of the recipient, the opinion of the master and the interior, which is placed next masterpiece.