Damien Hirst is one of the richest artists in life.

There is a perception that an artist can be exorbitant either rich or extremely poor. This can be applied to the person, which will be discussed in this article. His name is Damien Hirst, and he is one of the richest living artists.

If you believe the Sunday Times, according to their estimates, this artist was the richest in the world in 2010, and his fortune was estimated at 215 million pounds.

the Work of Damien Hirst

modern art the man takes the role of "faces of death". This is partly due to the fact that it uses materials that are not used to use to create works of art. Among the paintings from dead insects, parts of dead animals in formaldehyde, a skull with real teeth, etc.
His work cause people simultaneously shock, disgust and delight. For this, collectors are willing to pay a lot of money.

Damien Hirst biography

he was Born in 1965 in a city called Bristol. His father was a mechanic and left the family when his son was 12 years of age. The mother of Damian worked in the guidance office and was an Amateur artist.
Future "face of death" in modern art led antisocial lifestyle. It was twice arrested for shoplifting. But despite this, the young Creator studied at art school in Leeds, and after went to London College under the name of Goldsmith College.
This institution was in some degree innovative. Unlike other was that other schools simply admitted students who do not have enough skill in order to get into a real College, and Goldsmithery the College has gathered a lot of talented students and teachers. They had their own program, for which it was not necessary to be able to draw. Recently, this form of education only gained popularity.
In his student years he loved to visit the morgue there and doing sketches. This place and laid the Foundation for further future works.
From 1990 to 2000 Damien Hirst had problems with drugs and alcohol. During this time he managed to make a lot of different antics while drunk.

Career of the artist

Interested in the Hurst public for the first time at the exhibition called "Freeze", which took place in 1988. In this exhibition, the artist drew the attention of Charles Saatchi. This man was a famous tycoon, but, in addition, he was an avid lover of art and collected it. A collector bought two of Hirst during the year. After that Saatchi often bought works of art from Damien. Consists of about 50 works that were bought by that person.
in 1991 the above, the artist decided to hold his own exhibition, which was called the In and Out of Love. He stopped and held several exhibitions, one of which was held at the Institute of Contemporary Art.
In the same year was produced his most famous work, it was called "the Physical impossibility of death in consciousness living". The creation of it was the means Saatchi. The work is performed by Damien Hirst, her photo is a little lower, was a container large tiger shark that is submerged in formaldehyde.

photo may seem that the shark is rather small in length, but actually it was 4.3 meters.


In 1994, the exhibition, which was curated by Damien Hirst, there was a scandal with an artist named mark Bridger. Happened the incident because one of the works called "Strayed from the herd", which is a sheep, submerged in formaldehyde.

mark came to the exhibition, where the show was the artwork and in one motion poured the jar of ink in the container and proclaimed the new name of this work - "black sheep". Damien Hirst brought a case to court for vandalism. At trial, mark was trying to explain to a jury that he just wanted to complement the work of Hirst, but the court did not understand him and was found guilty. Fine he could not pay, because at that time was in poor condition, so he was given only 2 years probation. Some time later he created his own "black sheep".

Merits Damien

In 1995 there was a significant date in the life of an artist - he was nominated for the Turner prize. The work is called "divided mother and child" was the fact that the winner of this award was Damien Hirst. The artist has combined in this work 2 of the container. One of them was a cow in formaldehyde, and the second calf.

Latest "loud" work

the latest work, which messed up is "Diamond skull" that's a lot of money spent Damien Hirst. Work, a photo which is already showing all of her expensive, Damien Hirst was not yet.

Name of this installation, "For the love of God." It is a human skull covered with diamonds. This creature consumed 8601 diamonds. The total size of the stones 1100 carats. This sculpture is the most expensive of all available from the artist. Its price is £ 50 million. He then cast the new skull. This time it was a baby's skull, called "For the love of God." The material used was platinum and diamonds.
In 2009, after the Damien Hirst held his first exhibition "Requiem", which provoked a wave of discontent from the critics, he announced that he was done with the installations and will continue to do again regular painting.

Views on life

Based on interviews, the artist calls himself a punk. He says he is afraid of death, because the true death is truly awful. With his words, well not death, but only fear of death. Views on religion he is skeptical.