Jack Vettriano: the life and work of the artist

Jack Vettriano-Scottish artist who became rich and famous when, in 1992, replicas of his paintings "the Singing Butler" became the most sold in the whole of Britain.


Jack HOGGAN 17.11.1951 was born in the industrial seaside town the Methyl of the County of Fife. He grew up in a poor family. Lived with father, mother and elder brother, with whom he had to sleep in the same bed. With 10 years Jack began to earn a living, helping the family. He was a courier who carries the documents delivered milk, washed the Windows, picking potatoes, that is engaged in any operation that could bring at least some money. Half of the earnings of the father were taken from him, leaving a little pocket money. In 16 years, Jack became an apprentice mining engineer. With 70 years as entertainment, he began to paint when a girlfriend gave him a set of watercolors. His early paintings Jack Vettriano signed Jack HOGGAN. It was the works in the style of the Impressionists. First job was a copy of Monet, an imitation of his “Poppy fields”. Most of all he studied the paintings are in the gallery and the Museum Kirkaldy. In 1984, Jack Vettriano first exhibited his painting in the company of “shell”. In 1987, on the eve of his confession wife Gail left him. Jack was then 36 years.

First exhibitions

In 1989, the artist presented two works at the Royal Scottish Academy annual show. About this time he took the surname of his mother and began to sign his work as Jack Vettriano. Both paintings were sold on the first day and Vettriano was approached by several galleries asking for cooperation. His work has been described as too sexual. Indeed, he used pictures of girls of easy virtue, since the nature of self-taught artist went to work. "Fetish” – picture of 1998, the road for the artist because, as he says, he played with the senses: Smoking man is watching a call girl. Importantly, the Central place is occupied by her black studs and beautiful legs in stockings. To get to the exhibition in Edinburgh, people climbed through the window in the bathroom. Because the artist said: “My first solo exhibition was described as pornographic”. Work Vettriano cause controversy. He explores sex. Its edgy, risky paintings attract the viewer's attention. Jack Nicholson acquired his painting 1996 “Night. Geometry II”. Sir Alex Ferguson became the owner of a work “along came a spider”. In the early 90-ies his paintings were worth no more than £ 3,000, now they are on sale from 25 000 to 125 000 pounds.

On the rise

Royal Academy on a summer exhibition 1992 rejected the romantic picture, which was written by Jack Vettriano, - "the Singing Butler". She tells the story of two lovers who dance a tango in the wind and rain, not noticing them.

Only the Butler and the maid bend under the onslaught of the forces of nature. Cloudy neither nature nor the predominant black and white colour does not make the picture gloomy. It is filled with a light feeling. Her prints became a best-seller and brought the artist not only fame but also great money. And the original was sold in 2004 for 744 500 £.
you Can purchase a copy of it, but not necessarily. Sold by puzzle ‘Jack Vettriano. Dance on the coast” from 1000 parts with dimensions 70x50 cm Collecting it, partly to feel the Creator.


In November 1999, 21 vettriano's work has been exhibited in new York. More than 40 collectors from the UK flew out for the event, and was immediately sold 20 paintings.

Elegy on the coast

And again the romantic coast, which is only a table and three men in black frock coats.

Animates this sad ominous landscape fragile female figure in scarlet. Sounds disturbing music, violin, tangible gusts of wind and smell the sea air. Looks so mysterious “Elegy Admiral». Jack Vettriano faithful to his chosen in early work, color and image that seems oblivious to time and brought to the canvas of the daguerreotype.

a Modern copy

the buyer, who loved the wizard, but cannot afford to purchase the originals, as their prices are available only to millionaires, there is only one option – buy the poster. Or excellent copies. And the house is Jack Vettriano. Reproductions are made from almost all of his works. Modern art appliances as closer to the originals. This is not a simple print, and is very durable. In the sun the paint does not fade and will not fade. They are also not afraid of moisture. Romantic minded people will always be able to imagine yourself in the place of heroes Vettriano, admiring the homes on its reproduction. In the world sold around 12 million posters of all his works.

“Dance me to the end of love”

this romantic picture we cannot see the faces of the lovers. Everything simply tells two slender silhouette in the foreground and two couples dancing in the distance.

the film's Title is taken from ballads of Leonard Cohen and brings the viewer to the eternal beauty of a relationship where the lovers leaned over the olive branch, and dance, they pass each other the tenderness and the desire to merge their lives into one.

“thinking about you”

Another black-and-white Elegy Vettriano. In a modern apartment with a huge window sitting in a chair, completely immersed in thought, a young girl. She looks out the window, but what she sees there?

Not a landscape it leads, not traffic on the street. To distract her thoughts about the beloved. Vettriano believes that modern man is able to deeply feel and experience not only for career or other material reasons. It is full of timeless emotions that have accompanied man in all ages.

Heroes Vettriano

the characters in the paintings by Vettriano live in a beautiful interiors, led them not of material concern. These elegant men and women imbued with the spirit of the glamorous age of 40-ies of the last century. In many works of Vettriano hidden narrative, a short story. Heroes of his paintings dance on the beaches, sitting, talking, in bars, and the viewer can observe someone else's "good life”.

Critics and colleagues

as Vettriano – a self-taught artist, critics, and artists his work is called empty panache, criticized him for his poor job with the coloring and poor control of the design. But it has to be considered since his work is a success. He is the top-selling artist in Britain. Posters, art prints and postcards of his paintings are very popular at home.


He donated his painting "Beautiful dreamer" for sale at Sotheby's.

the Money went to help the hospices. Later gave money for scholarships at the University of St Andrews. Then the charity auction took the picture "Olympia". Vettriano has also helped the organization, which fights for the conservation of populations of Asian elephants and tigers and orangutans. It took 155 000 pounds. He was asked to write a Christmas card for four Scottish charities, and they received 86 thousand pounds. In 2004, the artist Jack Vettriano was awarded the order of the British Empire.

Personal life

Vettriano lives in three houses. One is in London, another in Scotland, and the third in nice. In 2010, he said in an interview with The Independent: “I live in a world of grief. I have added more creativity to me happens when the stress”. In this position, the artist has depicted himself in the self-portrait in 2009, which is called “Freight”.