The more intelligent people, so it's hard to fall in love? 5 an explanation of this fact

If you belong to a group of more intelligent people, your personal life can be quite difficult. Find love and maintain it is surprisingly difficult. You may feel misunderstood in the relationship, may not be quite sure that everything is done properly. The answer, surprisingly, may be your IQ.

Smart people seem that have it all: they succeed in school, their career is booming, their social life is full of events. However, often it is difficult to find the right partner, fall in love and form a lasting relationship.
If you are a very smart person, chances are that your intelligence is really responsible for what your life in love a little more complicated than you would prefer. But why? There are several reasons.

1. Intellectuals appreciate independence

It can often seem daunting, but smart people appreciate their independence. This affects all areas of their lives. It is not that they don't feel love, but their need for freedom does not stop when they are in relationships. This creates tension between the partners. Their partners just have to understand and respect their personal time and space.

2. Fear of failed relationships

Smart people are usually lonely because they made a conscious decision to be that way. Although they may seem open to potential partners for love, it is sometimes useful to man have been single for some time, because so you can get a chance to think about your past relationships, find errors, and also to learn a lot about yourself. This feature makes smart people look distant and cold, but actually it helps them not to become miserable.

3. The ongoing analysis

very smart people, it seems, brains are arranged differently. They often are excessive thinkers that can harm them. Partners will not always wait until they weigh the pros and cons. Love shouldn't be rationalized, and sometimes we are blinded by emotion.

4. Caution

Intelligent people find it hard to believe in love at first sight. Again, this is not because they lack of the romantic gene, but simply because they can more clearly remember the pain of the past. They may seem suspicious, but it's just their defense mechanism.

5. Mind and professionalism over love

Smart people are often more focused on career than love life. For them, the profession – it is their element, where they feel good, they are valuable and skillful. Their career – their comfort zone because it gives them the opportunity to use strengths. That's why they usually marry later peers.