The Painting "Birth Of Venus". Bouguereau Adolphe William

picture of the “Birth of Venus” Bouguereau less known to ordinary people than the famous masterpiece painted by Sandro Botticelli. Despite this, it is considered to be the pearl of the world art heritage.

Artist Bouguereau. Patterns and fate

Adolphe William Bouguereau - one of the most recognizable masters of the late academic. Born painter in 1825. The artist lived a long and full life. His contemporaries regarded him as one of the outstanding painters, Impressionists predicted the recognition of posterity and the glory of the greatest French painter 19th century.
an Outstanding representative of the French school took place early as an artist. Bouguereau paintings were made in accordance with the traditions of the academic school. However, in his interpretations of the classic stories and classic frozen form was given a different sound. In his paintings masterfully transferred to the fleeting gestures: the tilt of the head, a light nod, looking down. The body is filled with movement, grace. They are perfectly combined academic sculptural forms and lightness.
Great painter died in 1905. After his death the interest in his work quickly went on the decline. He never took the innovative ideas of impressionism, remaining faithful to the academic tradition.

Two of Venus

picture of the “Birth of Venus” Bouguereau in the story is not new. The appearance of a beautiful goddess on the sink surrounded by cupids and sea-nymphs back to the traditions of the early Renaissance. As a representative of the academic school, Bouguereau in art searches relied on the experience of the Early masters, and especially of the High Renaissance. Compositionally, his work dates back to the famous “Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli. Seen in her reference to “the Triumph of Galatea" Rafael.

as well as Botticelli Venus Bouguereau appears naked on the half shell. This is a classic attribute that accompanies the image of goddess as a symbol of sensuality, sexuality and fertility. Master refers to the canonical image of his Venus – Golden-haired, white-skinned beauty, tipping back as a blanket, a long heavy locks.

a Celebration of beauty

However, the picture is “Birth of Venus” Bouguereau is significantly different from the previous samples. If Botticelli has depicted the moment of appearance of the goddess from the sea foam, Bouguereau captured her ascent from the sea to Paphos in the island of Crete. In contrast to the modest and bashful Venus of Botticelli, the image created by the master of the 19th century, filled with sensuality and overt sexuality. His Venus is not covered shyly, she reveals herself, showing off her beauty and femininity to the world.
large-Scale painting about three meters in height is stored in the museums in Paris. The picture of the “Birth of Venus” Bouguereau is considered one of the jewels of this collection and the best work of the author.