The profession of Illustrator: will show all that is hidden

Many wonder about who draws pictures in children, and not just books. What is the name of this mysterious professiyats and with what it eat? Now we will try to understand this question.

Who is the Illustrator?

first and foremost an Illustrator-he is an artist. In the broadest sense of the word. Cartoons, commercials, pictures in books, graphics in video games, movies, desktop Wallpapers, designs websites, postcards – it is all the handiwork of Illustrator. And although the profession one, it is split into many branches.[br]

it should be noted that this is a difficult job. In addition to the ability to draw, the artist must have his own style, and understand the needs of the customer and provide him a few different options for the same job.

Where the Illustrator to find a job?

Despite the fact that the Illustrator-this is a rare and creative profession, the usual market of vacancies is not so often you can meet such ad. Search of such work is carried out by using a portfolio of specialized sites. Also a profession Illustrator are very popular in publishing houses and editorial offices, design studios and advertising companies.
Rarely seen of an artist on salary. Their salary is tied specifically to how much they make. Illustrators of books get money for a specific project. It is therefore difficult to say what could be the salary of a professional in this field. According to some reports, the average s/n is from 20 to 70 thousand roubles. The scale just reflects the fact that artists – project workers.

Education and career

There are two opinions on the topic of education for illustrators. Someone said that the graduation-mandatory requirement. Because where, as in the University, artists will be able to get an idea about computer programmes for drawing, techniques, methods, and much more. Others, however, say that education for the talented – this is a completely useless thing. And if you want to learn something, it can be done independently or through short courses.

To a common opinion did not come even popular artists whose expertise proven over the years. Perhaps do the profession of Illustrator requires nothing more than talent.
Career growth, the Illustrator is very diverse. The artist can lead the creative team, to open his own advertising company, to become head of artistic Agency and even to achieve worldwide fame. It all depends on the talent, aspirations and skills to do business, as in any other profession.

Pros and cons of the profession

Like any other activity, the profession of Illustrator has pros and cons. The advantages include the following:
  • there is No reference to the workplace. The Illustrator doesn't need to go every day to the office, and it not only can work at home, but to travel without violating the deadlines of the project.
  • the Ability to be creative. Every artist paints with love, have fun.
  • Vacation any time of year. No no graphics, only the final deadline of the order and discuss progress.
  • you can Start at any time. If you're not 20 – this is not a reason to say goodbye to the career of Illustrator.

  • Criticism. Not all creative people are capable of dealing with criticism even if it constructive.
  • Burning time. If inspiration did not visit the artist, there are times when the panic has to finish something. The same applies to those who find it difficult to organize their time.
  • High level of competition. Despite the rarity of the profession, talented and just knows how to draw well a lot of people.
  • Self-promotion. Search customers is himself also the responsibility of the artist.
Any cons you can close if you hire a person who could control the time, keep a notebook, to promote the artist and to engage in his image. This can not necessarily afford novice professionals, but, as we know, career growth is possible, because it is a profession – Illustrator.

Children and adult artists

Often, thinking about the picture books, we imagine children's books. But there are actually a large number of books for adults with stunning illustrations. It can be graphic novels, which are now at the top of popularity, fairy tales for adults, edition with pictures of the author, and more.

Kids painters reminded us more often, because children – the main consumer of the talent of the illustrators. They love picture books regardless of age. Teenagers go to the comic book, and already adult content with only rare instances of books, where the artist helps to give the reading.

Modern illustrators of books

international contemporary illustrators on hearing the name of Chris Riddell, which you can learn from books by Neil Gaiman (“the virgin and the spindle”, “Coraline”) or his own (“Young lady Goth" and others). Also the Russian audience knows these artists: Kei Acedera (“Leisl and”), Ellie R. V. ("Paddington Bear"), Art Spiegelman (“mouse”) and many other talented names.
Russian illustrators also did not lag behind their foreign colleagues. Igor yulevich Oleynikov works not only with books but also with movies. This is a very popular artist like us and abroad. Best known for the books “the Hobbit, or There and Back again”, “Peter pan” and “the adventures of Baron Munchausen".

Eugene He has published a number of books together with Rosman. It can be found in the illustrations of books by Alan Milne, Boris Zakhoder and Korney Chukovsky.
Ukrainian colleagues from the publishing house «A-BA-BA-ha-La-mA-ha” – Vladislav Yerko (“the snow Queen") and Eugenia Gapchinska (“Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice in Wonderland”), as well as from the publisher Clever – Galina Zinko (Andersen, Perrault, Pushkin) – also staggering in its sensual and soulful drawings.
Names of great artists very much, so choosing the profession of an Illustrator, think about whether you can achieve the ideal in his drawings and compete with prominent names, turning your hobby into a job.