Color toxic green: features, role in the art of design

the Color green poisonous affects juiciness and brightness. It is the color of waking up after winter, nature, neon signs night city, beach discos. Its like people with an active lifestyle and progressive views.

But if you increase the dose of toxic-waste green to the maximum, it will likely start to annoy you. Web designers try not to use this color for backgrounds and fonts, and if used in small quantities. Otherwise, it threatens rapid eye fatigue. Careful with him and the figures of fine art.


Color green poisonous refers to the warm neon colors and has an international shestnadcatiletnie marking “#7fff00”.

It goes well with subdued shades: black, white, grey, chocolate brown. Experiments with other poisonous shades rarely successful. Most of these combinations looks too flashy. But if you dominate to be neutral, for example, beige and neon shades painted only small elements in this case can get very good effect.

Poisonous-green color in clothes

Today, bright shades in fashion. Designers a few years ago have chosen poisonous green. Photo accessories, clothes and jewelry fill the pages of gloss and inspire fashionistas to create vivid images.

floor-length Dress, pantsuit or jumpsuit in this rich color can look too flashy. It can play a cruel joke - most likely, after some time of communication, people will start to get tired from you.
it is Better to choose this shade to put bright accents. It will enliven even the discreet outfit, add cheerful touches. Color bright green perfect for a clutch, belt, decal or print on t-shirt, shoes. Very bright and picturesque look swimwear in that color, they perfectly set off the color of tanned skin. Short women's dresses and tunics also look quite perky. To slightly balance the image and to mute the effect, dilute accessorize the outfit in subdued colors.

lush greens of the interior

the same rules should be observed when working with poisonous green in the arrangement of dwellings. Often it can be found in the interior of cafes and bars, children's rooms in shopping malls, playing areas, in a word, where the desired atmosphere of celebration and activity. In any placed, which is not live, and the rest have color toxic green looks quite appropriate and natural.

Very different is the case with residential facilities. Often this color is used for decoration of children's rooms. But experts do not recommend dyeing poison-green walls or ceilings. But the decorative elements, furniture, textiles in these lively colors can look very advantageous. They will help to create the mood.
Popular color toxic green, and for the facades of kitchen sets. It is associated with delicious treats: lime, kiwi, grapes, candies. That is what many love him.