"Ballerina" - the picture that won worldwide recognition

"the Ballerina" – a picture of a talented artist Leonid Afremov. Use the special tool for mixing paint, original image style, his own view of the work brought the artist fame and honor. A native of Belarus now lives and paints in Mexico.

the Secrets of make paintings about ballerinas

Fine art, like any art, requires not only talent, but knowledge of the secrets of mastery. Paintings of ballerinas known for their uniqueness, accurate transmission of grace of the female body, of the fragility. Of course, before writing such masterpieces need inspiration, the feeling of flying. Leonid Afremov is able to transmit the sensitivity and femininity in the creative palette. The hand of the artist created many paintings, different brightness, saturation of colors and clean lines.
"the Ballerina" - the painting, which depicts a fragile girl, performing basic dance steps. The canvas can not be confused, it stands out among the works of other painters. Oil paint – the best material of our time to make paintings, and was used by the artist. "Ballerina" – picture, is the most popular among his paintings.

a Little history of the ballet paintings

Weightless features ballerinas are created for many years not only painters, but also sculptors. "Ballerina" - picture where can be seen the smallest details, to see simple and classic poses, wrapped in delicate tones and lightness.
Ballet – a magnificent view of dance art affecting the viewer's attention and surprising beauty. Artists, musicians and poets inspired by the tenderness of ballet skills and create some amazing creations. One of these is Leonid Afremov. But him depicted dancers Edgar Degas Auguste Rodin, Bertalan Shekel and other well-known artists.