What gets reviews of "the picture of Dorian gray": the book, film, performance

a work of art can often be judged by what it is about reader feedback. “the picture of Dorian gray" in this respect – exception. After all this work, which today is considered a classic not only of English but of world literature in his time was called scandalous and was attacked by critics. So it will be interesting to see how this is one of the most controversial and interesting essay is perceived by the readership.

Short contents

“Dorian gray" - the book is rather complicated as with the story, and from the semantic point of view. It was written by a famous English writer O. Wilde just three weeks. And was published in 1890. Imbued with the dominant at the end of the century the spirit of dissidence, filled with complex philosophical allegories, this work immediately attracted widespread attention, unusual content and those relevant issues that it raises.

novel tells the story of a remarkably handsome young man. He is obsessed with idea of maintaining eternal youth and her looks, wished that he always remain the same beautiful, strong, healthy, and in my twenty years. These words in some unusual way true. However, after the young man began to lead a dissolute life, and his portrait begins to reflect the internal expansion of the personality of the protagonist. In the end, unable to bear the consciousness of their own depravity, gray tries to destroy the picture, but when it dies, turning into a decrepit old man.

About the society

not surprisingly, this controversial story has received mixed reviews. “the picture of Dorian gray" - the novel, which can be divided into several layers. But the greatest controversy was the image of a writer contemporary fashionable English society. Many saw this as an attempt to discredit know, the other claimed that the author unfairly judge the members of the upper classes of the population. In our days, by contrast, is a light description of the rich is especially appreciated by modern readers. On the basis of the text of the novel, they can get an idea about what was the highest circles of the nobility of the late nineteenth century.

This aspect of the novel gets generally positive reviews. “the picture of Dorian gray" in our time it is appreciated for accurate, vivid and convincing artistic reproduction of the manners, customs, and lifestyle of the then nobility. Most users note the undoubted skill and talent of the writer in characteristic of his time. Thus, what before was the object of criticism, now has rave reviews from readers.

About the idea

Regarding the plot of the story was somewhat different opinions. “the picture of Dorian gray" composition clearly has references to famous works of Balzac “Shagreen”. Therefore, the reading public of the time was basically familiar with the same story. However, the famous French writer did not focus so much on the philosophical as on the social component. He tried to give the most complete picture of the vices of contemporary high society, while a fantastic line with pebbled leather gave him an effective means to disclose with the greatest completeness and reliability of the inner world of the protagonist.
at the same time Wilde in its history strengthened the mystical component in the sense that it brought to the fore the transformation of the psychology of the character, his internal state, the deterioration which is so clearly reflected in the portrait. This move was quite in the spirit of his time. However, modern readers think of this ideological idea is particularly good and exciting. Many Directors even find in this idea the elements of Thriller and even horror trying to rethink the work of the author.

About the main character

Perhaps the most famous work Oscar Wilde is a novel “the picture of Dorian gray". Reviews about the book initially were the most controversial, even for the most part negative. But in our time, the work gets more positive evaluations. The main character works – one of the most controversial images in the world literature. At first he appears as a bright, friendly young man with a romantic Outlook. The young man is naive, simple, he is capable of pure love (no wonder the artist B. Hallward sees him as the ideal man). However, subsequent him metamorphosis affects readers. Gradually, under the influence of fashion and cynical hedonist Lord Henry as he wallows in Vice.
Latter circumstance caused a wave of criticism at the time, it was deemed immoral such a detailed image of dark human passions. However, it should be noted that the writer details didn't stop at the inner fall of the hero. In our days a bit differently perceived “the picture of Dorian gray". Reviews of the book more positive, and in the fall of the character provide a philosophical sense, which has already been stated in the above-mentioned Balzac's novel: the main thing – it is an inner spiritual state, not external wealth and prosperity, which had sought both characters.

About Lord Henry

One of the most mysterious and controversial of characters in the book – is the man who pushed a young man in a vicious way. He instilled in him the idea that you need to take everything from life, but also expressed regret about the transience of youth and beauty. That person was Lord Henry is the representative of the upper class of English society, sybarite, who has a cynical nature and an unusual sense of humor.
novel “the picture of Dorian gray" reviews, which are the subject of this review, many will remember this unusual character. In his mouth the author puts a sharp and pungent criticism of contemporary poznavatelnogo companies. Being a sybarite in the intellectual and physical sense, Lord Henry seeks to ensure that the youngster gets in the way of crimes. This is one of the most contentious and controversial characters in the entire work. It acts as a seducer of young men, surreptitiously pushing his illegal actions, contributing to its corruption and becoming corrupt person.


Image sibili

Product of “the picture of Dorian gray" reviews, which indicate how controversial are its plot, content and ideological sense, interesting unusual characters, subtle and believable picture of their psychology. In this respect, draws attention to the image of sibyl vane's. She is poor, but very talented actress. Before meeting with D. gray lived in its fictional, theatrical world, which was quite happy. She perfectly performed the main role of Shakespeare's repertoire, and his unusual talent has attracted the attention of impressionable young men, who, seeing her scene on the stage, and immediately fell in love.
love the storyline, a true master of psychological analysis proved to Wilde. “the picture of Dorian gray" of which reviews are generally positive, a novel with a complicated love line. Her tragic end has largely served as the impetus for the terrible metamorphosis of the protagonist. Almost all readers agree that the character of this young woman interesting, unusual in that she lost her amazing talent when really fell in love and tried to break free of the artificial world in which till now lived. Seeing the frustrating gray, she committed suicide.

film Adaptation

“Dorian gray" - film reviews, which also proved to be extremely controversial, was removed in 2009 (it should be noted that the work of Wilde portrayed more than thirty times). Many viewers criticized it for the fact that it significantly changed the storyline, introduced a new female character is incorrectly displayed characters. Some users were unhappy that the Director has made the elements of Thriller and horror film, in particular by changing portrait. is Also acting by the main character caused controversy, in contrast to the work of K. Firth (who played Lord Henry), improvisation which came to the public's taste.
However, the other portion of users reacted positively to the experimental moves of the Director. The approval caused the scenery and costumes of the film. However, those who are familiar with the book, are negatively perceived changes to this classic work.
closest to the original book called “the picture of Dorian gray" film, which reviews are generally very positive. This old black and white tape came out in 1945. She was nominated for several prestigious awards (including the «Oscar»). The painting was warmly received by critics and audiences, despite some differences with the text of the work, which, however, is insignificant. Especially drew the attention of the game A. Lansbury. For best actress the second plan she received «Golden globe». A large number of adaptations tells about the unabated interest of the public to this essay, English writer.

the Musical

it would Seem that such a complex and controversial story cannot be taken as the basis for the creation of a musical performance. Nonetheless, American composer R. Bauer wrote the title piece, the world premiere of which took place in 2010. The musical “the picture of Dorian gray" reviews, which turned out to be equally controversial as the work and its film adaptation, combines elements of drama, sophisticated polyphonic choirs. He laced quite dynamic solos. The play contains elements of computer animation that was ambiguously perceived by the audience.
Fans of the novel reacted to this experiment negatively. While the other part of the audience considered such a course Director a good way of communicating ideas of the writer on the stage. Not everyone liked the use of microphones during the presentation. Some credited the musical is the fact that it quite closely follows the content of the work. Overall, the majority of users recognize that, in principle, allowed the composer if not to convey a complex philosophical subtext of the novel, at least unusual to connect the plot of the piece with a mild form of the musical.

Theatrical performance

the Show “the picture of Dorian gray" reviews, which also turned out to be different, was a landmark event in the theatrical life of the capital. The transfer of this complex, multi-dimensional works on stage attracted the attention of fans of this work. However, the estimates were highly controversial. Staging a modern twist, unusual costumes, the animation is not for everyone. Experiments directed in the spirit of our time many were not to your liking. However, a number of users notes original music, interesting harmonies, dramatic computer animation. However, the latter technique caused some audience confusion. They note in the comments that due to the use of visual imagery to lose the sense of theatricality of the action.

Thus, an important cultural event in 2014 was the play “the picture of Dorian gray". the Yermolova Theatre, which reviews are generally positive, went to the experiment because of the great and unflagging interest in this novel. Note: if the statement has caused controversy, great acting O. Menshikov was very much appreciated by all. The main object of criticism was the change of characters. Thus, the image of the main character in the form of rapper not all been understood. In addition, leaves questions the fact that the role of the portrait were made by the girl. There is an assumption that by doing so the Director wanted to show the sensitive strings of a young man, his weak side. So, putting the play “the picture of Dorian gray" of the Yermolova theatre, which reviews such a controversial, has managed to draw attention to the immortal creation of British writer.

General conclusion

Despite the fact that since the publication of the novel more than a century has passed, user comments prove that the essay is still relevant. Many readers almost in one voice say that ideas, thoughts, mental wandering and experiences of the protagonist are close and akin to the modern generation. Part of the audience interested in the subtle and vivid picture of London high society, believing that the author managed to perfectly convey the spirit of his time. Almost all unanimous in saying that the novel is extremely complex. And so I advise you to read the book before going to watch a play, musical or movie.
Complex philosophical meaning of the work left no one indifferent. The skill of the writer in depicting the psychology of the main character admirable. At the same time many pay attention to the fact that the author in the description of the gradual moral decline of the character specifically and not say, what exactly are his flaws. Here we can recall the explanation on this occasion of Wilde, who noted that in the image gray each can see themselves and understand their own shortcomings. Thus, we can conclude that the creation of Oscar Wilde, despite the complexity of perception and the ambiguous plot, became a well-known work of the classics, interest in which continues in our days.