How to draw the human body? Step by step instructions

Many budding artists will not be difficult to draw flowers, trees, houses. But when it comes time to draw people, they are lost. Because I don't know how to draw the human body. If you also do not get, do not even think to give up. Thanks to a few techniques you can quickly learn it.

General guidelines

They are quite simple. At the same time these helpful tips will help you cope with the necessary task:
  • Even if you don't plan to turn their sketches into color illustrations in the beginning still use pencil. He at any time will allow to fix the pattern.
  • not Much push. All the movements we perform only light touches. If you make a mistake or want to redraw the element of the picture, you will not have to suffer, erasing rubber band thick lines.
  • Practice every day. Do not worry if you don't know how to draw the body. Believe in yourself!
  • Watch your posture. You will not be able to give all his attention to the figure sitting incorrectly.
  • If you are seriously interested in art, learn the techniques other people go to art galleries, buy themed books. Experienced artists know how to draw the human body.
  • If you make rubbings with an already finished drawing, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Remember that you do not have to depict exactly the same character. It will be much better if it happens to others.

body Proportions

At all times, special attention was paid to the ratio between the body parts figures. Before painting the body, you need to know its correct proportions. The height of the adult figure – 8 goals, teenager – 7. This part of the body of the student can be placed in a length of 5 times, the baby – 4. The size of the hands should reach mid-thigh, with elbows should be placed on the same level with the waist and the knees – right in the middle of the foot. Leg length – 4 head, and the head together with the body – is half the height of the whole figure. Fingers drooping hands placed near the mid-thigh. The height of the foot – the size of the nose. And its the same length as the forearm. Height of a female head equal to the distance between the prominent points of the chest, the male-half of the width of the shoulders.

Differences for men and women

Average height male-170 cm women – 160. Hands of a strong half of humanity are long and muscular, so when the hands of the girls a little shorter. But my legs are longer than women (relative to torso). Men have a strong physique, broad shoulders and a short torso. Female body long, shoulders are often shorter thighs. Males have a thick neck, girls – on the contrary, thin. As regards the muscles, in men it is marked hard. The body contours are sharp. At the same time, women have the outline of a soft, shape round, body fat more. Men's stop – massive, large, women's – are much smaller.

Draw man

Following the master class shows how to draw the male body:
  • Start at the top. Draw a small circle, swipe from the bottom curved line. Should get the egg shape, only inverted.
  • Draw the neck, sketched two straight lines. As a guide, take the distance from ear to ear.
  • Draw a long (2-3 width of the head) horizontal line so that it was perpendicular to the neck. It determines the location of the clavicle.
  • completion of the two lines draw small circles of equal size – this is shoulders. A little below, sketch two oval, slightly longer than head height – biceps.
  • In the place where the biceps begin, draw the trunk of the body. Geometrically it will look like this: the inverted trapezoid-chest, vertical direct – torso, inverted triangle – pelvis. Place the geometric shapes mark the point – there will be a belly button.
  • On both sides of the triangle, draw two circles (a big part must be outside), and immediately below them – long ovals. They will hips.
  • Lower – two small ovals for the knees. Let a little intertwined with the hips. And below – shins.
  • For the legs, draw two triangles at the bottom.
  • Try to draw the show jumping competitions of the body, add details, create your character clothes.

Draw a woman

Now that you know the basic proportions and learned to work with a menswear silhouette, you can study how to draw female body:
  • Start with the most important – draw a vertical line. To denote the torso, place the inverted triangle in the upper part.
  • Inside the resulting triangle, draw another, looking up. On the corners of the inner shapes draw two circles, indicating his chest. If you did everything correctly, the first one must be right and the other to the left of the previously drawn line.
  • Just below the main triangle draw the same size circle. Its upper part should go for the triangle. It will be the pelvis.
  • To draw the hips and legs, draw two curved lines from the top of the circle. And below – two more, but shorter. One needs to look like brackets.
  • Add lines and details, dress the girl.
Ready, now you know how to draw a girl's body.

Summing up

According to the techniques presented above, you can draw almost any man – adult male and female, teenager, child. The main thing you need to do – to follow instructions, learn to work under the scheme. After some time, you yourself, without any help, will depict on the paper the beautiful and proportionally correct characters. Don't worry if you can't do something. At any time you can try again.
Remember one important rule: the artist's work does not end at the moment when he understands how to draw the body. You should also consider the hairstyle of the character, his style, imbue it with emotion, to portray the character. In other words, using a pencil “breathe” in his life. Learn the art of drawing, improve your skills – and you certainly will succeed!