"Venice" - painting by Aivazovsky: description and brief characteristics

“Venice" - painting by Ivan Aivazovsky, who visited the city in the early 1840-ies. This trip was a landmark in his work because later Venetian motifs somehow resonated in the paintings of this famous artist. It is known that he wrote three works with this title, one of which is now kept in the Tver gallery. Many other artists also portrayed this city in their paintings, some names will be shown in this article.


“Venice" - the picture, which was written in 1842. It was this famous Italian city is depicted early in the morning, before sunrise. The author perfectly conveys the delicate pink paint of the upcoming sunrise. As in all the canvases of the painter, nature is the protagonist of this landscape, although the artist has depicted people who ride on the gondolas. But they look small against the backdrop of the majestic Italian landscape.

it is Known that Aivazovsky really paid much attention to the Venetian scenery and even organized an exhibition of his paintings on this subject, which invariably delights the audience with its brilliance and truthfulness of images of the urban landscape. “Venezia" - a picture that demonstrated the basic principles of work of the painter: an unusually beautiful sea landscape, light, morning haze, that surrounds the morning town, and the gentle warm tones of colors.

the city

Another artist, famous for the image of the city - the Peruvian painter Federico Del Campo. He worked in the 19th century and became famous as a versatile author, but the European audience, he became known primarily as the Creator of fine paintings of the Venetian city. Having the opportunity to travel to Europe, he visited many countries, but the greatest impression on him made this Italian city.

“Venice" - picture of Campo, which has a surprising honesty and detail in the image the urban landscape. He created a whole gallery of views of the city, capturing the canals, narrow streets, small gondola, the old streets, but most importantly, his paintings caught the last sailing ships of the time. The artist's works breathe with warmth and comfort, they are imbued with sunlight and saturated with bright colors that convey the atmosphere of this place.

Paintings R. Bor

One of the most famous Italian cities is Venice. Paintings devoted to this city, occupy a prominent place in the scenic gallery, their works reflect the unique look of this amazing region, not only in Europe but throughout the world as a whole. Artist R. Bor captured the Venetian types in their paintings. Having a great experience in the Italian manner of painting, he has recreated the view of the city. In his paintings depicts a close-up of narrow canals with gondolas between the high houses. The paint he used bright, intense, with lots of light.

a Feature of his letters is that he is the object of image did narrow space between the houses, but unlike Federico Del Campo, did not strive for maximum detail, but rather worked several blurry strokes, which gives his paintings a unique charm.

other artists

Pattern "Venice" of the oil, is one of the most popular on the market today. As an example, can be called a leaf of T. Williams, which depicted views of the city. A characteristic feature of his work is the use of rough brush strokes and mixed colors. He mostly painted small blocks and channels. R. Fior portrayed the city with amazing accuracy and detail. Masterfully wielding the brush, he drew particular attention to the historical specifics of the urban landscape.
so, from the above it is evident that the city of Venice attracted the attention of many painters-landscape, largely due to its unique architecture and unique landscape.