How to dilute oil paint?

Walking through the gallery and admiring the works painted with oil, marvel at their beauty. “The dilute oil paint?” – essential for every artist who has decided to work with them.

working with oil

With oil is much more difficult than with gouache or watercolor. When working with these types enough to reach the sink and dial in a jar of running water for dilution, then in case of oil have to prepare a special blend or at least visit the store and buy everything you need. However the result is worth it.

Paintings in oil, often look more expensive, richer and better. So, for a person who seriously decided to master this material, nothing is impossible. Yes, and particular difficulties are foreseen. You should only learn a simple recipe. Some artists do is quite simple. The question of what to dilute oil paint for drawing, does not cause them discomfort because they did not add, and write the substance in the original consistency. But this option is not for everyone and only in some works.

How to dilute the paint?

Those who the density of the stopping, still looking for suitable solutions for its reduction. The most logical to resort to using oil. It is used in isolation as a separate solvent or in the composition made by the painters of the mixture.
In every art shop you can find a bottle with a special, already made by the materials or individual elements to play them. In any case, when it comes to this type of paints, you will not be able to do without the extract oilseeds because it itself is the basis of this material. A good squeeze of walnut, flax etc. it has no smell, which is quite convenient. Other solvents that do not have the advantage.
However, like any coin, there is also the opposite, negative side: the painting will be dry for long. Looking for, than to dilute oil paint better to give preference to extract of flax.

Prepare the “tee”

a Useful diluent. In his role as a frequent speaker white spirit. However, this substance is not applied. Combination with a special solution. With it, washed the palette and the brush. The direct adding it to the paint on the fly is fraught with damage to the instruments. Canvas can pouchot, becoming yellow and aging prematurely. Considerable damage to tissue. For a given substance should take a separate container. It will go dormant until that cap.
Giving an answer to the question about how to dilute oil paint art, it should be noted that all of the compositions of the most popular is the “tee”. To make it possible in one step, just mix ingredients that you will find your nearest authorised store.
First variant is based on mastic or damamage varnish used in painting oil of flax or hemp, and diluent (white spirit). All the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. There is another variation of the mixture, in which the last element is changed to turpentine.

what is picturesque and finishing varnish?

beautiful Lac acts as the additives used with oil paint. It is important not to take the coating mixture, it is not suitable for these purposes. Purpose – to protect the already written picture from outside influence after it dries. Used lacquer a year after finishing work.
Finally the oil is dried up only after a few years. The relative decrease in surface moisture should expect not earlier than 3 days. In this period, touching the picture, you will not risk to smear and ruin it. Great importance is the layer that was used in the course of work, and was dry brush or wet. Depends on when to use a finishing varnish. Also plays a significant role of substance used for diluting ink, if it has, of course, have to resort.

What is the extract to choose?

Experienced artists, hearing about how to dilute oil paint, suggest to use a mixture of husks of hemp and flax for the reason that this quick-drying substance forming a film which does not dissolve from the organic solvent (e.g., water). In painting use materials and other crops.

What you can dilute the oil paint depends on their composition. As they say, fight fire with fire. Take a look at the label and find out what kind of oil included in the composition of the material, to choose and add the same. As a rule, it will be the extract of flax or hemp. Based on them made the most of sold in our paint stockists.
as for the diluent, it is often in his role use white spirit and liquid gum turpentine. In Soviet times, these and other compositions had a special room. The evaporation of these substances occurs rapidly, so they are stored in closed flasks.

the Dilution of the extract with

If you are looking for something to dilute the oil paints at home, but do not want to mess with the preparation of the “tee”, you should enjoy a version with simple addition of an extract of plant culture. It is poured into a separate container. It is best to take the liquid on the basis of the linen as it dries faster than the others. In this case, you will not feel smells, however, you have to be patient until the painting dries. Master of painting, telling than to dilute the oil paint, I suggest not to abuse this technique, because it is more for the lazy and those who are not really in a hurry to cover his creation with varnish. When the work is in full swing and needs more space, easier to make “tee”. In the case of a underpainting makes sense to manage at all without oil.

how quickly dry your creation is largely dependent on the thickness of the layer deposited during the painting, the temperature and humidity of atmospheric air, paper material or fabric and, of course, thinner (“tee” or extract).