You can do without flowers: 19 ideas for alternative wedding bouquet

the Most daring and desperate brides choose fresh ideas, innovative solutions and creativity.


of Course, you can order such a composition and kravarsko workshop. But if you are able to invent and create, will certainly direct the skills and talent in the right direction!

Flowers don't have to grow in the flowerbed. You can use to create felt, tameran, leather and many other materials.

Holiday treats

Muffins and pastries, tropical fruit, chocolates and marshmallows - all this, too, can become the basis for a bouquet.

Paper decorations

Musical notes, designer paper, colorful postcards, and even little Newspapers too can be transformed into a beautiful bouquet.

Buttons and brooches

a Bouquet of multi-colored buttons will probably be like a special girl who loves all unusual and is not afraid to be myself.

And shining pebbles bouquet with brooches can be a godsend for the bride who is used to admiring looks.


Some people remain children in heart for life. Bouquet from parts of "LEGO" will certainly appeal to those who are young at heart.


the Arrangement of feathers looks incredibly soft.

Donated by the sea

a Bouquet of shells looks great. And he didn't seem too unsightly, it is necessary to add Golden touches.

Best friends

to Change the flowers on the puppy? Of course, the whole day will have to pay due attention to the animal, but the images will be wonderful.