He could tell the car about its owner?

it Turns out that it is possible to find some connection between what you choose the car and your personality. Of course, it's not quite realistic, because sometimes the car has to choose solely on the basis of Finance, and sometimes the choice is simply random. However, you can explore the options of characters which are associated with specific models of machines.

Truck: road character

a Large machine like simple serious guys. Imagine Dwayne Johnson in any of his roles. You are probably an excellent driver, but you better not piss. You will not be long to hold back if something does not suit you.

Sedan: slow dreamer

If you like to constantly think about things that have no special significance, but still seem important, you need a sedan. There are a huge number of models and brands, you will be able to choose a very long time, and the choice of a particular car can go, not just months, but years.

Family car: frustrated couple

Imagine a couple that has children. Children behave annoyingly, the parents look tired. They would fight without a break, if they still had it some strength. Usually they travel in small family car, compact and practical.

Universal: the tireless mother of the family

This is a machine my mother, who works as a taxi driver: always takes the children and delivers them to the right place. Why? Well, someone's gotta do it! If you see a car like this, it was probably a family car man!

Luxury cars: overrated celebrity

it is Unlikely that the players really deserve to make millions of dollars a year, however the average person will never be the same cars in the garage, like Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the car itself this does not become worse. Such impressive cars rarely seen on the streets.

SUV: suburban farmer

This is a machine that can transport many children. Or livestock. This is a great car, over which no one dares to laugh, nevertheless it is completely impractical in an urban setting. Such a choice, according to some, is not best demonstrates the personality of the owner.

Coupe: extravagant youth

these cars have style, but they are quite budget. A great option for young people whose finances do not allow more effective choice.

Van: passionate mom

the Mother, who is convinced that her child — genius, sure to be on such a machine, because the stuff for a dozen clubs have something to convey!

Muscle car: a passionate car enthusiast

This is the best car for a person who likes to dig under the hood. These machines became popular through many parts “fast & Furious”. In this series of films, VIN Diesel drives a luxurious “Mustang”. This kind of car in the heart is the dream of every car enthusiast!

Crossover: indecisive people

can't decide what you want the car? Buy a car in which there is everything: big, and at the same time compact. Crossover is perfect for indecisive people, although in urban conditions, it is not always practical.