What will be different the BMW M8 from its predecessors?

Yes, it all happened very quickly. Few expected it, but it still happened. “BMW” only have time to show the world models of the 8 series, the secret weapon that has allowed to raise the price much higher than was the case with the 7 series.
now the concern has already begun to move on, filling the space created by an even greater amount of power and grip that can only belong to a car from the M.

Incredible new model BMW M8

For a few minutes before the start of the Nuremberg 24-hour race Department “BMW” responsible for the production of the line M, showed a camouflaged version of how will look the new car series. And if you thought concept cars 8 series was just an exercise in styling, you have to think again. This “concept” went to the real world on the coast of Lago di Como for two days now concern States that led the work on developing the M8 for several years. “the Creation of concepts and development of automobiles “BMW” standard 8-series and M series in parallel, — said the President of M “BMW” Frank van Meel. — Future car «BMW» M8 will be built on the genes of the 8 series, but her DNA will be supplemented with a large number of positive qualities, such as sharpness of dynamics, precision and stamina”.

Price range is not for everyone

However, those wishing to buy a new car you will have to spend much more than the amount that they would have spent on buying the previous car series M6 as the M8 goes on the market in order to fill the space in the price segment between the most expensive car brand “BMW” 760Li and the cheapest ‘rolls Royce". It is expected that the new car will have to work around models such as “Mercedes-AMG S63” and “Bentley Continental GT" however, it is planned that the new version of M will be to win customers “Porsche”, “the Aston Martin,” and “Ferrari”, namely their models GT series.

What will it be for the car?

the M8 is a line of products M series with the higher intakes on the front bumper, the massive brake discs and four-pipe sports exhaust system. Moreover, according to Ian Robertson, Board member for sales and marketing is not the only model M that are on the way to market! “We are also working on another addition to the family M with the other end of the spectrum, — said Robertson. — Later this year there will be another model M (we are talking about the M5), but in a year you will see a brand new car (and this is on the M8). Will it be faster than the M5? You will have to wait and see, but if you look at the logic of how we do things, the M8 is a great sports car. We, accordingly, will position the new car. You can expect that it will be positioned at each possible criterion”.

Some details about the technical characteristics

Although neither Robertson nor van Meel did not want to talk about the engine of the future car, it is unlikely to be twelve-cylinder V12 engine, as the front of the car would be too heavy. Although “BMW” has 4-liter 8-cylinder engine, the most likely candidate is motor mounted on the M5, that is, 4.4-liter 8-cylinder engine. When this car appears at shows in the end of this year, it will be equipped with all-wheel drive, vosmichastny automatic transmission, and a Central processor, which will monitor all machine systems. Any chance that the M8 will get electrified technology enhance the power inherent in the i, exists, sources suggest that we may expect acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in about three seconds.