A new concept from Volkswagen - self-driving minivan of the future

the German car company Volkswagen created a new concept van that looks similar to the famous van "hippie". The car seemed out of a sci-Fi movie: it is equipped with a motor has the autopilot feature, as well as other interesting "gadgets".

a Little about the product

Structurally, the new VW Microbus, or Buzz, is the eight-seat minibus with an electric motor, driving range without recharging which is about 400 km away. featuring high capacity charging lithium ion car battery lasts about 30 minutes.

the basis for the establishment of the concept was taken a van 60 years, have become iconic thanks to the hippies. Although the failure of the petrol engine this car even more suited to this peace-loving subculture.

the Minivan is equipped with on-Board computer, interior and exterior cameras, laser, radar and ultrasonic sensors, as well as other technological innovations. Thanks to them you can carry out individual settings of the air conditioning system of the vehicle, automatically determines a specific driver seat, audio system, ambient lighting and more.

Through the analysis of road traffic with sensors and cameras, Buzz is able to transfer control to the autopilot, allowing the driver to relax a bit.

Another concept or production car?

Despite the fact that the appearance of such an unusual van has done a lot of noise in the world press, is still not known whether the concept put into production. Lately, Volkswagen is often a different version of vans, but none of them were put into mass production.

Fans of German cars believe that it's finally time to ride the next autosizer from the famous production company "people's" cars.