Unusual interior taxi in Mumbai literally mesmerizing

Many tourists who visited the Indian city of Mumbai, with admiration speak about the amazing salons. What's so unusual, we will tell in our article.

Mumbai - the city of many taxi

Mumbai is a great tourist city in India, it is not surprising that the streets here are literally teeming with taxis. These cars have become an integral part of everyday life of the metropolis. The local taxi drivers try to do everything possible to keep their machines as clean and comfortable inside.

Until recently they have not really thought about the aesthetics of the vehicle, while instead they took care of it.

"Canvas" for taxi

a Few years ago to a known resource Kickstarter project was launched Taxi Fabric. Its goal is the production of special "cultural" trim for salons taxi.

a Group of Indian artists and designers did a great job, not only proving the genius of his idea on Kickstarter, but also in creating unique fabrics for cars.

we developed four different "stories on canvas". Two of them are dedicated to Mumbai and Delhi. Another on various social topics, and the latest collaboration with local and international brands that have sponsored this project. All songs can be viewed on the official website Taxi Fabric.

"Paintings" made on a small enterprise. From old tissues make real works of art, which later decorated the interior of a local taxi.

These incredibly beautiful, colorful masterpieces already installed in many cabs in Mumbai. These machines are especially attract foreign tourists.

in Addition to admiring beautiful paintings, you can ask the driver questions about their stories. They are happy to tell passengers the many local stories and legends, thereby transforming an ordinary trip into a tour of the local cultural places.