Koenigsegg Agera started to sell recently, but the demand surprised!

Hypercar Koenigsegg Agera RS in all respects can be considered impressive, striking.

a 5 litre 1115-strong V8 engine and acceleration to 200 km in less than 8 seconds, carefully planned ergonomics and good looks — all this is the result of Swedish engineers.

Want to know how much is sold and how this miracle of technology?

the sale of Agera RS

This car was first presented to the public at the Geneva motor show, and this event occurred more in 2015.

early In 2016, the manufacturer has presented interesting data about sales: hypercar already at that time acquired purchasers from USA, Canada, UK, China, Japan, Taiwan, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that the machine had cost $ 2 million.

According to Koenigsegg, the Agera RS model was the best selling of its development.

Summit engineering

the Founder of the manufacturer Christian von Koenigsegg admitted that he was pleasantly surprised by the high demand for Agera.

“This car — the pinnacle of engineering, it's the perfect embodiment of the experience of professionals in their field», — noted Koenigsegg at the press conference.

the CEO also said that the new car embodies all the best characteristics and therefore is a true miracle of technology.

Christian von Koenigsegg also thanked customers for their trust, and partners — for their support.

Bids for the purchase of the car was so much that has collected instances are not enough for everyone.

Production Agera continues today, and many people were able to get a car only in 2017.