25 of the most unusual cars in the world

most Likely, you've never seen before cars that were in this list. All because they are extremely unusual and even unique.

In the list of cars from different years so you can familiarize yourself with concepts like the seasons and the beginning of the twentieth century. So, what they are, the most amazing machine on the planet?

Messerschmitt KR200

In the early twentieth century automobile designers often designed aircraft and Vice versa. Perhaps this explains why many cars look more suitable for flying than for driving on asphalt. This German machine tiny sizes were produced since the middle of last century until 1964, It was equipped with a small engine and weighed only a few kilograms.

The Devel 16

Imagine that we can accelerate to one hundred kilometers per hour in 1.8 seconds! What can travel at speeds of more than five hundred kilometers per hour! Well, it all embodies this powerful car with an engine of five thousand horsepower. It was designed in Dubai. Apparently, there is love all in a big way – there is not only the tallest building in the world, but now the fastest car. However, it will not all, as the price is approximately a million dollars.

Stout Scarab

This is not the prototype of the famous “Bug” from Volkswagen. This machine of American manufacture, which appeared at the beginning of the development of the automotive industry. It was released in the thirties and forties. This game was developed by William stout, former Director of the company «Ford». Despite frightening appearance, the car was considered extremely innovative. He was the first family minivan, and also the first car with independent suspension that guaranteed a smooth ride, amazing for those times.

Sunswift eVe

This is an unusual sports car that runs on solar battery, and the first of this type, which is considered completely legal in Australia. The car can travel eight hundred kilometers and speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour.

BMW Isetta

This is a little micro-car with a single cylinder engine, which initially developed in Italy. Despite the fact that production was started there, the design began to license in other countries, from Brazil to Germany. Manufacturers have a lot, but the version of “BMW” was the most popular. It sold more than 160,000 copies in six model years.

Davis Divan

This three-wheeled car was produced in the forties in Los Angeles. The company that created this model lasted only a year. Glen Davis is not business, so the business failed. But the car could be popular – it was made three hundred pre-orders! Produced as there were only 13 cars, and then Davis went bankrupt.

Heinkel Kabine

and here is another example of what happens when aircraft factories begin to produce the car. This little micro-car with one door were produced from 1956 to 1958, the German aircraft manufacturer Heinkel called. Before you start to produce micro cars, the company has created a high level bombers for the Luftwaffe.

Peel P50

This car stands out from the others in this list, the fact that it is officially the smallest. It is so small that modern smartcare next to him seem giants. It's touted as a means of transportation designed for one person and a shopping bag. It does not even have space for the turning mechanism – if the driver is in a deadlock, he needs to turn the car manually. Unfortunately, preserved only 27 of the original machines. Because of this, collectors are buying the model at auction for six figures.


This car alien species is something quite unique. The car was designed by Mike Vetter. Design either wins, or seems absolutely repulsive. However, in any case, we can agree that the machines are unique and worthy of this list. To acquire such a vehicle can be for a six-figure sum.

Amphicar Model 770

Modern standards would not be allowed to use a car, however before they were available. This is a machine where you could walk on water! This is an extremely original model, ahead of its time. In our days the producers no longer such a flight of imagination. Familiarity with the cars of the past allows us to imagine how innovative were the Golden years of the automotive industry.

Tramontana R

Surprisingly, this car can really move around, though he seems more suitable for racing. The model created for everyday life, not for the racetrack. Here are just buy it is easy, because every year is produced only 12 pieces, and the starting price more than half a million dollars.

the Phantom Corsair

This model was created for Rust Heinz, owner of the eponymous company producing food products. This car seems appropriate in the 21st century, but the plan and a prototype appeared in the early 20th. The Creator wanted to invent something different from all the other cars. Now this car would cost $ 200,000. Unfortunately, in mass production, he never got because Heinz died in 1939.

BMW i8

This car in the futuristic produce for the past year. In 2012, the model was presented as a concept, and then launched into production. Hybrid cars can travel 700 miles and speeds of nearly 300 kilometers per hour. This car is much more affordable than you may think, – the novelty is worth about $ 130,000.

The Lykan HyperSport

This sports car is limited edition, which not only is the most expensive in history, but also the first produced in the middle East. It was developed by a company founded in Lebanon and now residing in Dubai. For such a machine you need to give more than three million dollars. To the speed of one hundred kilometers per hour, it accelerates in 2.8 seconds. Seat decorated with Golden thread and the interior lights are decorated with diamonds of fifteen carats.

Buick LeSabre

Modern "Buick" is not quite similar to its predecessor, produced in 1951, It was a unique car, which designer Harley Earl was inspired by a jet engine, which was revolutionary technology.

Nissan S-Cargo

This is one of the few cars of the 80s, which still would look appropriate on the streets. It resembles a modern eco-friendly machines, however, equipped the “green” a gasoline engine.


Until 2011, this car was the most popular electric car in U.S. history. All models have changed from “Tesla”. Despite the fact that these machines seem small and compact, they have quite a long wheelbase.

Myers Motors Sparrow

This unusual vehicle is reminiscent of a form Shoe. It was developed for everyday use in urban environments. Unfortunately, to pass on this car for not more than one hundred kilometers, but the car is worth only $ 30,000.

1957 Fiat 600 Multipla

This car was designed for ordinary urban families. Unusual model with the engine at the rear stands out among the other cars presented in the list.

1925 Rolls Royce Phantom 1

Elegant and expressive lines distinguish this car. He seems truly gigantic, though the cabin is not so spacious.

1957 Aurora

This American car has developed a Catholic priest Alfredo Juliano. Before becoming a priest, he studied at the art school and dreamed to create the machine. Unfortunately, beyond the prototype case are not logged in.

the Tatra 603

Produced from 1956 to 1975, the Czech car has earned its place in the list. It was created as a luxurious novelty, but in the race he performed well.

1960 Pininfarina X

This is a prototype racing car created by Italian master Pininfarina. The company was created not only cars, but boats, trams, trains and planes. This model – the most famous creation of Pininfarina.

Maybach Exelero

This concept car equipped with machine guns and a mechanism for launching missiles! Of course, in the usual auto show these cars will never appear.