Business cards with your own hands.

In this MC I want to share a simple and original method of production of business cards. We will do two things - create business cards and recycle scraps of fabrics.
We need: white paper, white cardboard, PVA glue, glue stick, scraps of fabric, Mat and ruler for patchwork, roller knife, curved scissors.

And, Yes, even computer and printer) to be Printed on paper their business cards. You can make them in different programs - the Internet is full of sites where you can create your card with any design (links to the PITS is prohibited, therefore photos addresses, e-mail and website specifically overwritten).

Cut with a roller knife and a ruler

Cut business cards with glue sticks glue on white cardboard

Cut out each card with shaped scissors

Then we take our scraps of fabric and cut from her rectangles (8x4,5 cm)

On the reverse side of business cards apply PVA glue along the perimeter

And paste our piece of fabric, allowed to dry

That's it - our business cards are ready! Colorful, elegant, textile!

Business cards produce unusual, when you take it in hand, feel the fabric, I want to immediately flip to see what's on the reverse side... And there is a textile beauty! :-) And it becomes immediately clear that this is the name of the master who sews fabric from! Card with fabric designed to complement the toy or product is made from the same fabric.