15 facts about the cars Tesla, which you hardly known

Tesla is preparing to release a long-awaited model of the electric vehicle. While the world awaits news, discover interesting facts.

Approach Mask

Musk believes that the outlines of the cars should be as sexy – literally. The lines that make up the car, put in the letters needed for the writing of the word in English. This is quite an unusual concept!

Dispute over the name

Originally, Musk wanted to model “3” called “E”, but the dream collapsed when Ford decided to patent the name for its own brand. It caused considerable surprise at the Mask - it is unclear how you can claim a letter of the alphabet. However, the name was changed.

future Plans

in Addition to the model Y «Tesla» plans to produce mini-buses and trucks. Buses will do without drivers. The truck will move entirely by electricity and is also equipped with self-government. However, the driver will still be necessary, at least in the next few years. What will happen at the moment is difficult to predict, and the company does not disclose all of its plans.

the Secrets of car

Musk likes to place in their models jokes and secret messages to buyers. For example, if you quickly tap four times on the button of the autopilot, the screen on the dashboard will be transformed – the road will be displayed in rainbow colors. You can feel yourself a hero of video game, moving colorful track!

rainbow and agents

the Owner “Tesla” definitely like rainbow, because the button is pressed the charger also causes the lights in different colors. In addition, Musk loves James bond.

If you click on the screen on the dashboard button “T”, the screen will display technical details and typing 007, you will see that the car model on the screen changed, becoming a spy car. It's funny the little things that give the car individuality and set them apart from others.

Space ambitions

If you enter information on the screen the inscription “Mars”, it will show the red planet. It was a reference to plans for the conquest of space. You will feel like a traveller between planets! Maybe in the future Tesla will indeed offer trips to Mars.

Security roof

In 2013, it was found that the model S has a more secure roof than a car that was previously regarded as the ideal standard. Safety is rated on a scale from 1 to 5, and the model from the “Tesla” got the 5.4. It turns out that this car is more reliable than the one that was once considered the safest! This is the highest level of quality!

Best car

In the same year, same model became the first electromachines received the title of best in the United States. It was the first time in history - first of all prestigious positions went exclusively to the traditional cars with the engine on gasoline.

Amazing efficiency

last year's car was the first e-car that can travel nearly five hundred miles. This opens up new opportunities and allows you to change people's attitudes to electric vehicles.

speed Test

In February, the model S won a Porsche 911 in competition on speed. She accelerated to hundred kilometres per hour faster than 2.3 seconds! This is a terrific result, especially considering that it's an electric car.

the Glass roof

There are other ways in which “Tesla” stands out among competitors, for example glass finish. In 2013, the model S has won the largest panoramic window on the roof. Soon to be available model with full glass roof, offering an even more good view. For the new model coming up with new technologies of glass usage. It is likely that in the future cars could be solar panels on the roof that will make them even more efficient and environmentally friendly.


car model X air quality corresponds to the level of the operating room. All thanks to installed in the car of a special system of neutralization of harmful substances and pollution from the air outside the car. Moving on such a car, you will be able to breathe perfectly clean air in any environment.

Unusual law

by car, the model X is not accessible on the Brooklyn bridge in new York – the car weighs three tons, that is exceeds the limit. Well, we can say that this is her only drawback.

Autopilot reduced the number of accidents

Surprisingly, since the advent of autopilot systems the number of accidents on the machines “Tesla” fell by forty percent. Contrary to the prejudices, automatic control manifests itself effectively and guarantee safety on the road.


Cars are so safe that the insurance will soon be available with them. In Hong Kong and in Australia “Tesla” offers to buy the car with insurance. This is not just convenient, but also says a lot about the quality of cars offered buyers the company Tesla.