Album for storing ribbons and lace

once I had a question where to store a huge amount of ribbons and lace, which have accumulated I have a lot... Google the sites and interviewing all the friends of knitters, I came across a very interesting albom, but unfortunately, there was not told how to do it... I had to think most) Now I want to share this idea with you

To begin we take paper for sketching and draw our future page for ribbons. Height 10 cm, width 20 cm Every page we have to share for future cells. the first indent of 1 cm, followed by separation of 2 cm and last 1 cm indentation again (I hope I'm clearly written... Oh, how much easier for me to show than to describe)))

Next, we take the line with circles and one draw circles with a width of exactly 2 see If someone is the happy owner of a punch "circle" with a width of 2 cm, I sincerely envy you, because it's pretty boring)))
If you have wide tape, you can increase the radius of the circles.

We cut out our pages and get a shape like this)

When we made a sufficient number of pages for the needed number of ribbons, then go to the cover... Pages toned ink, but I didn't, I like just white)

tip: a better Ribbon to wrap BEFORE you begin to staple the pages with the cover, because then you can accurately determine the tension of the ribbons.
For the cover, we take the cardboard to a width of 2 mm and cut out 3 части24 cm x 12 cm - 2 штуки14 cm x 12 cm - 1 piece.

Paste paper # 1 long part.

Paper No. 2 the middle of the paste, thereby linking the entire cover. Don't forget about the small indentation between the parts for our cover could be closed)))

So now it looks)

To make it cuter, paste in a white paper for sketching.

Bore holes and fasten the whole thing with ribbons)tip: holes it is best to insert the grommets (unfortunately I just ran out)

tip: tie ribbon on 2 nodes and then let the bow to later you can add pages when purchasing new ribbons.

Decorate to taste. Too voluminous decorations to make no sense, especially if you often use ribbon in your crafts, so I treated with liquid pearls and rhinestones)

Hope you liked it)