How to fold beautiful envelope for monetary gift

In this tutorial I will tell you how to simply and quickly make a beautiful envelope for monetary gift. Actually it will take less time than the specified duration.
We will need: a sheet design bilateral cardboard, inscription (I have "happy birthday" as a gift dedicated to this event), scissors, satin ribbon width of 0.5 cm in the tone of the cardboard, a decorative pendant (in my case it was a small silver key), a glue stick, a thick needle and ink pad (it will tint the edges).

Well, first, I'll tell you a secret: my "cardboard design" is two background, printed on a color printer on thick A4 paper. I use paper Maestro extra density 250 g/m. on the one hand, as you can see, purple roses, and other tender peas. It will be seen further.
But of course, you can use and purchase of paper for scrapbooking that are sold in the store. As long as it was dense.
So, step number one. Here is a template of the envelope. Print it on A4 paper, cut out, put on our designer cardboard and draw out a pencil. Cut.

Cut the workpiece, now tonyrueb edge grey stamp cushion with two sides. Explain why — tinted glass gives a distinctive look and depth to the paper products. This is tested by me personally! But, of course, you can do without it.

Now do the grooves on the folds, so you can easily fold our envelope. Put a ruler on the inner side (that's peas, by the way) and press hold the blunt end of the needle on the fold line. Fold line on the template marked by a dotted line.

Bend and hold a wooden ruler along the fold line. Due to the grooves made by the needle, our bends turn out neat and smooth.

Now for the lettering. The envelope turns out the size 8*8cm and fits any bill, but the title needed a smaller size. Of course, I pre-calculated the size of the squares labeled and printed in the desired format - 7*7 see Toned edges. Put the box on the inner side, pointed with a pencil edge and then glued.

Now put inside a folded in half the money and put the envelope here:

Well, the last step, fold the envelope tightly and tying a beautiful bow made of a satin ribbon with a key. If the ends of the ribbon are too long, trim them carefully and podplyvaet lighter (not rained).
That's all!

Good luck and all the best!