The postcard "small House" in technique of application

1. Draw a sketch. Make a sketch and executed it by typing in the desired dimensions. My version of ~ 14.8 x 14.8 cm

2. Cut along the pattern 1 of the workpiece of cardboard.

3. Make out the back of the postcard. Cut along the pattern 1 the outline of the house out of paper and glue to a carton blank. Cut out template # 2 from the paper stand, greeting cards and glue.

4. Cut along the pattern 1 the outline of the house from the design paper and glue on a cardboard blank.

5. Roof tile used color paper bronze (metallic). Tiles - the most difficult stage of the work. Shaped scissors cut into strips with a width of 1.5 cm. Leaving the pencil markings (see red dotted line on the diagram) - it will align the tiles when pasting.

Please note, to receive the edge of the roof, I'm a little go - forward and up - step shaped scissors. Glue lower tiles so shaped cut dropped below roof level, is leveled using the pencil markings (see red dotted line on the diagram).

6. I glued the tiles directly on the workpiece, but serves to simplify the task. Cut out of paper templates No. 3 and No. 4 and tape Caparica on them, and then the roof tape to the house. To paste the tiles at equal intervals, letís trace out the General details No. 3 and No. 4 - divide them into 6 pieces with a height of about 1 cm. Then draw the tiles and glue on these labels by adding one row to another, starting from the bottom of the roof. The top strip of tiles a little cut to keep the step in 1 cm.

7. Draw the Central part of the roof. Trace rays pattern No. 5. Do indentation inside - 2 mm - we draw lines (in blue in the diagram). Do indentation out - 1 mm - we draw lines (yellow in the diagram). On lines cut out with scissors. On external lines cut shaped scissors (green line in the diagram).

8. Cut out the door, do brads of the handle and glue the door to the workpiece. Cut the door frame (3 mm wide) and glue.

9. For the Windows I chose blue pearlescent paper (from the child). Cut out Windows and glue. Cut window frames (2 mm) and glue. Pattern No. 6 cut the grass (I chose paper with a picture) and glue. Draw a path leading to the door, cut out and glue. The track narrows to a home. For track I chose paper for pastels - it has a "sandy" rough structure.

10. Begin to decorate the house. One of the houses I circled bronze acrylic loop only Windows and a door on the second - and even shingles. For the road to the second house I put a few "stones" - from the same paper for pastels and a few grains of sand painted the same bronze contour. I even took a picture outline on the door and the figure outline on the "glass" painted the inner part of the window frame.

11. Now, if you are in the mood, you can decorate our "plot" basket, planter, watering can or other figure. I used plastic figures - basket and watering can. And cut branches of garden trees. Draw on dark-brown paper (solid or patterned) rectangle 14 x 6 cm Now draw inside this rectangle two directed to each other branches. Lines are arbitrary, but it is desirable that all the tips of the branches reached the house, to be able to stick to it (that were not rumpled, etc.). Even if you do not draw, with these branches you definitely will cope - the curve they are, the more effective will look... ))) Cut the branches and glue to the house.

12. Flowers and doves cut with punches. Petals of Apple tighten up any tool, having a solid rounded edge. I do it with a needle which is inserted an elastic band - it ball on the end. Flowers in the grass: the petals tighten up, then turn over the flowers and push the same ball in the middle. Decorate the flowers with micro beads, or beads, or acrylic contour, etc. Glue flowers and doves on branches and on the grass.

I especially see why I chose this paper for the "glass" seemed to be, however, reflect the sky... :)

Enjoy your creativity!