Gift envelope with your own hands

Good day
Sometimes it happens that the invitation to the celebration falls as snow on the head and did not have time to search for a gift. Therefore, we have come to believe that the best gift is money
But even such a gift can be a beautiful issue, with a couple of hours, a small selection of materials, and skills in scrapbooking.
Today I will show a master class on creation of the gift envelope to the wedding. The difficulty is not large, you can use whatever you are in your casket. To create the envelope, we need:
- Colored paper for scrapbooking in bright colours,
- Double sided tape (or glue Moment Crystal, but it is not very easy to work with fabric and ribbons),
- Decorative cord, lace
- Thin fabric,
- Flower for decoration (I used flower organza which is made in advance for other work),
Metal decoration (pendant),
- Scissors, ruler, pencil.
Since I had a sheet of very thin paper, I additionally needed
- Paper for the base of the envelope (I used the paper for watercolor).

As I said, I have paper thin and is not suitable as the basis, so I pasted on a sheet of construction paper.

On the reverse side draw on our future envelope (marked with red colour where we we cut, Sinim dotted line - the place of the bend).

Depending on the capabilities can be cut with simple scissors or curly. I cut curly. The remaining part of the sheet is not ejected, it is useful to us later.

Before you glue, tape to inner part of the lace, wrapping and hiding the tips as shown in the photo.

Glue the middle to the side, leave to dry under pressure. Meanwhile, let us "cap" on our envelope.
Cut out of cardboard a small rectangle of size 17*8.5 cm

You can leave a rectangular shape, but you can give the form you like, such:

Wrap our billet translucent fabric gently glue on the reverse side of double sided tape, and stitched on the sewing machine overlock stitch.

Next thing jewelry.

Metal decoration (in my case this is key) tying the cord, leaving one end longer, we'll have it wrapped around the envelope. With the help of brads fix the bow, flower and a cord with a key on the workpiece. And now remember about our scrap of envelope and glue it just above our decorations, capturing the long end of the cords.

In order to look neater, make another line on the machine.

After we cut off all the excess and hide the strings, the workpiece can be pasted on the envelope.

That's the beauty of we did it
Now it all depends on your imagination and possibilities, the envelope can be decorated with pearls, dies, etc. and you can put the money to wrap the string around the envelope and tie a bow under the flower and going on holiday.

Creative success!