Now the patents on all products available Ford competitors

to speed up the promotion of electric and hybrid cars, in Michigan, Ford made all of its patents for electric cars – now they can use and competitors!

Bold step

representatives of the company believe that industry collaboration is required between manufacturers, not a competition.
It is necessary for the development. Not so long ago the California company Tesla has made available a patent for his electric car.
Elon Musk, the head of the company said that the world benefits when technological advances become available to all. Now example the Mask was followed by «Ford».
the line currently has six different models.
Patents – six hundred and fifty. More than four hundred of them were received in 2014.
it can be used by other developers wishing to create their own hybrid or electric car.
Among the patents – technology to extend the life of the battery, temperature control and energy recovery of battery and system analysis of the actions of the driver, helping to save fuel.