Flying cars - this is not fiction?

Flying cars - this is not an invention of science fiction movies, a company called Terrafugia says it has the technology to create such a car already by 2025.
However, even if the technology will really allow you to create something similar in less than ten years, it is unclear how quickly these devices will allow you to move in public places. Anyway, let's examine flying car.

a Potential manufacturer

the Company is Terrafugia was founded in 2006 by students from the leading technical University of the Americas – they decided to realize a shared dream of creating a flying car. Together, our founders developed a model of Transition, the first flying car, presented in 2014.
This car can drive in the usual way, and can transform into a flying form, and in the air, it moves rapidly and can fly about a thousand miles.
Carl Dietrich, one of the founders of the company, reports that a license to drive this vehicle takes no more than twenty hours. The exact price is unknown, but you can reserve for yourself the right model on the website of the company.

an Impressive new product

Much more attention attracts new model called the TF-X. This machine is able to fly, to move in the air and land in the Autonomous mode. However, the driver still needed her. Is a hybrid car that can take off vertically – you will need a platform the size of a tennis court to get off the ground.
If you live in a private house, no problems. In urban environments suitable Parking near the shopping center. After takeoff you need to specify the destination, and the car itself takes you there through the air. The route is tailored to the weather and other features. The owner needs to be trained to control the flight and to determine whether a safe landing. The car landed itself, but only after the relevant holder's instructions. The company Terrafugia is planning to create training courses that allow to drive the car a few days after it started.