Tesla on two wheels - is this real?

the Founder of the group Tesla, the entrepreneur Elon Musk, has not yet reported his views about the proposed new product, nonetheless hoped on her appearance really worth it.

the Attention of the public was a model of motorcycle from English developer Jans Slapins. If you are interested in innovation, you've probably heard of him. Shortly before this he had developed an informal model a Rat Rod for the Italian brand Lamborghini.


At the moment, the bike exists only in the form of images, however, can present its technical characteristics – the developer tried to keep as realistic as possible features of the prototype.

the model of “Tesla”, the bike is made of aluminum and equipped with a huge battery, which provides energy to the electric motor located at the rear wheel. Huge – the only word for it. The developer suggests that its capacity could be two times more than those that are now used in standard car models. This bike would weigh about two hundred and thirty pounds and could move in several modes. It remains only to wait for the official reaction of the owner of the company Ilona Mask.