A new electric supercar from Porsche concept Mission E

the company Porsche has decided to join the manufacturers looking for innovation, and introduced a new product-an electric car.

the Model is called Mission E – this all-electric four-door sports car that captivated all visitors to the car show in Frankfurt. Soon the model will no longer be just a concept car-production it was given the green light.

the Original

Fancy sports car will be available by the end of the decade. This will be the first fully electric vehicle from the company, but it is already possible to say with certainty that he will not be the last.

a Novelty has become a kind of statement of concern – the brand will adapt to the conditions of the modern world, maintaining a great design with sporty style.

project to produce a new model invested hundreds of millions of euros, built a new factory for the Assembly.


of Course, it will be a car that is worth the wait. Its capacity will be six hundred horsepower! It is worth noting design with a matte white paint and black detailing, as well as the original headlights. This machine is capable of becoming a serious competitor to Tesla.

According to the developers, the car will develop a hundred kilometers per hour faster than three and a half seconds. In the car, double engine and four-wheel drive. The batteries are located as low as possible that can favorably affect the gravity. What about the time to charge the battery? It is reported that to charge eighty percent of the car will require less than a quarter of an hour. This is a real technological breakthrough! Head brand compared a lightning charging pit stop in the race. Inside, the car also does not disappoint, the salon features innovative and simple style, using the best materials and ergonomic details.