How to make unusual business cards with your own hands


Preparing my work for the exhibition, I remembered how frantically I wrote down everything that came into contact with my contact details, then one or other interested buyers at a previous exhibition. It became clear that something must be decided. Looking around my bins, I discovered the weight of cardboard (for what purpose did I buy them then, 10 years ago ?!). And so that the households finally stopped scolding my stocky hamster, I decided to prove to them and myself that not a single kilogram of cardboard, thread and other cords had been bought in vain! All these are very useful and necessary acquisitions. And here such business cards at me turned out. I will be happy if you will inspire my modest works. 

Materials and tools: 

1. Glue PVA.

2. Needle with a large eye.

3. Trimming the fabric with a beautiful pattern in the folk style.

4. Color cardboard glossy.

5. Knife clerical. 

business cards with your own hands

1. We take a medium sized business card and circle it with a pencil on a sheet of cardboard.

business cards made of cardboard

2. Cut out the necessary number of blanks with a knife.

business cards in the national style

3. Choose suitable trimming fabric, iron.

color business cards

4. Fold the cuts several times and cut out the squares of medium size: 4 cm by 4 cm. From the cuttings of the canvas, cut the squares 3 cm by 3 cm. 

colored cardboard business card

Now we are making a simpler version of business cards for big events. 

1. We apply glue PVA on the wrong side of the squares.

business cards for women

2. We glue the square to a suitable blank of cardboard.

business cards for the master

So we get the following blanks:

business cards handmade

Now we make more complex business cards for small presentations.

1. On the squares of the canvas, we make small embroideries of several crosses. Embroider in this case, you can all that in the head will come - I got such simple symbols. 

business card for the master

2. We fix the thread on the wrong side.

business card

3. Apply glue PVA on the wrong side of the square.

business cards for presentations

4. We glue a square to the work pieces from cardboard.

author's business cards

We receive here such preparations:

We print out WORD files with contact information, for example: mail address, online store address and phone number. 

Cut out the squares and glue them on the back of the work pieces from the cardboard.

Here are such business cards we have:


Many thanks to all who have inspected to the end. This is my first master class, so if something does not quite work out - write in the comments, everyone is happy!