Why say that new car Jaguar 60 years? Could it be?

English anthropologist sir Edward Tylor, who studied the behavior of ancient people, he proposed the concept of animism. According to his definition, different objects can have a soul, like man. Of course, a few thousand years ago talking about cars was not, and the existence of the soul, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, it is difficult to ascribe to cars, but, perhaps, sir Edward Tylor and his colleagues would agree that some cars seem to us not just cold pieces of metal, and seems to be kind of big. Made of thousands of parts working together and generating traffic, they affect our imagination. And some car manufacturers are just forced to believe that their creations endowed with a soul. Such is the Jaguar.

Impressive classic car

In may 2016, the British automaker has announced its plans to manufacture small quantities of cars model XKSS. These cars were incredibly popular in the 1950-ies, and now they will once again return to the market. It is reported that the price of these sports cars will be on the order of a million sterling, and it is 1 225 $ 500.

Why in the middle of the last century, these machines were popular? Judges described them as sharp, expensive, attention-grabbing. It was used legally on normal roads racing cars. This machine, incidentally, was Steve McQueen, and now it costs about $ 30 million. Impressive, isn't it?

Latest supercar from “Jaguar”: why not he could be reincarnation?

In 1992, Jaguar released its latest supercar-the XJ220 model. But his appearance made a much smaller splash. Commentators and professionals have criticized XJ220 for everything: for a powerful enough motor, interior, even for a small trunk. In the 1990's this machine was worth about 500 thousand dollars, and now it can be bought for half that amount.

For the manufacturer to release a new supercar on the basis of the XJ220 would be risky and expensive, really expensive. Most likely, if something for some reason went wrong, it would discredit the good name of Jaguar in the years ahead. Therefore, the conversion to XKSS is quite natural. The release of the new sports car – this is not flashy public relations project and not share with a bloated budget. This revival of the legendary old machine that will be using the tools and technologies of the 1950s. the New “Jaguar” will be hand-built and conscientiously, as it did several decades ago.
This is an exciting project and now we can confidently assert that the revival of the classic car will be endowed with a soul. But, interestingly, originally the British automaker had no plans for the production of a new XKSS. Actually this idea came into the heads of the developers by accident.


Back in 2010. The company will present the concept car C-X75. To be precise, the green light to the production of this model was given in 2011. It was planned to produce 250 cars, the cost of each had to be of the order of a million dollars. This has lead to the fact that the brand name would be mentioned in one row with McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari, who also brought to market their hybrid concept cars. But the model C-X75 was born under an unlucky star. More precisely, unfortunately, was not born at all. In 2012 came the global economic crisis and due to shortage of funds the production of the concept car has been minimized.

But later the company had made a non-standard solution.

the First issue of “old new" vehicles

In 2014, was announced the production of six light vehicles E-type, which would have continued the line of cars in 1963. These new machines were to be authentic, as far as this is possible, and the cost was expected to exceed a million dollars. Then on the new Jaguar talking everything: everyone wanted to see a classic car, assembled in the twenty-first century.
Despite the fact that the issue of supercars “according to the old patterns” looks attractive, it is actually spent on the development of the concept is not necessary, and production experience is, in this respect, there are certain difficulties for the automaker. The recovery process of the production technology of the classic model really is a long and time-consuming.

what problems has faced engineers

In regard to cars E-type Jaguar, too, everything was not as easy as we would like representatives of the company. The original series of the 1960-ies was not completed. Then, out of the planned 18 cars came to light only 12. The project was shelved indefinitely, and it resumed five years later. The engineers were old drawings, but do not have accurate data on the three-dimensional location of body parts. Then scanned the original cars E-type preserved to our times. Interestingly, none of them were two identical copies. They all had their own story. Many people involved in accidents, then they are repaired in different workshops, and it all left its mark on these old cars.

the Result of hard work

the Jaguar engineers have done it: they created a new concept cars and gave them a soul. These machines resembled the originals and their technical characteristics, and exterior. However, there were significant changes. So, the engines of these cars had a capacity of 340 horsepower and a volume of 3.8 liters.
These vintage cars descended from the conveyor in the new century, impressed connoisseurs. Demand was high, and this wave emerged the idea of developing a supercar 1950s years – XKSS.

History line XKSS

the history of the original XKSS really was tragic. It was planned to produce 25 of these cars, but the factory at Browns lane in 1957, a fire broke out and out of the fire managed to save only 16 “Jaguar”. All of them were recovered and found their owners.

In 2016, the idea to complete the production of this series of supercars. The leadership of the British group notes based on your previous experience of production of such "old new" models, which now, decades later, engineers have a significant advantage. Technical progress does not stand still, and the passage of time is always an opportunity to correct the shortcomings of the old models.

How you would feel driving old vintage cars?

In fact, not many classic car owners use them daily. Why is this happening? It's the loss of a familiar comfort: the car, which has already turned fifty years, gearboxes run very noisy, the brakes and suspension too soft, and to travel at high speed is often impossible due to the low power of the motor. And then the owner of the classical model is transplanted to a new BMW, and my dear ‘old woman” sets in the garage until better times.

But with a new “Jaguar” will not be so. Comfort and power, the assurances of representatives of the concern will be at the level of a modern car, while the exterior will remain stylish and classic, so beloved by true connoisseurs.

Brief summary

safe to say that the development of the famous automaker from Britain really deserves attention. The revival of the classical tradition of the automotive industry, a return to the familiar and time-tested designs and models – that's what impresses connoisseurs of vintage cars. And while the manufacturer is not just revives the old cars, he modifies them according to the modern notions of security and comfort. And, of course, he gives to the cars history, but also the soul.