Master-class: manufacturing of "Creme brulee" postcard

I want to offer you a master class, how to make a gentle postcard as a gift for any holiday.






For the basis, I took a tight white paper. In the folded state, the workpiece was 11X16cm.

mastreur-class postcards


Next, I tone the edges of the ink distress.

make a postcard

We take scrap paper size 10h15sm.Ya took with a picture on a blue background. Also toning the edges with ink and glue on the glue.

I can use a double-sided adhesive tape. I had a glue crystal moment.


Next, glue the napkin for cakes.

postcard handmade

The next stage I paste textured paper, also tinted.


Then take our picture, the center of the composition, glue it on the white paper, so that the effect of the frame, tint and glue to each other.


Cut off a piece of gauze or bandage.


Apply to our postcard, how the soul will tell and paste.

master class on postcard

To the picture from the back side I paste the squares of foamed double-sided scotch.

a gift with your own hands

And fastened to the postcard. It turned out like this.


Now take the flowers, feather and glue them to the card.

It seemed to me a little and I wanted to add butterflies.

For this, I took the tracing paper and cut it out with a knife.

We glue them together

So it happened.

We attach them to the postcard and decorate the floor with pearls.


All! The postcard is ready and you can give it with pride!

I hope MK was understandable and useful!

With best regards, Galinka (Mulya)