Was the first death involving a self driving car

U.S. Authorities are investigating an incident involving a vehicle running on autopilot that took place in may 2016. The accident resulted in the death of the driver. For a long time the information about the tragic accident was hidden from the public. It is worth noting that this is the first reported death, which featured a self-driving car.

Excerpt from the police report

Florida Resident Joshua brown was heading to the car brand Tesla Model S on the highway in the state. At one of the crossroads collided with a truck. Unfortunately, the autopilot could not distinguish the bright white markings on the road from the white stripes on the trailer of the truck. Thus, an attempt was made to pass at full speed under trailer trucks. As a result, the force of the collision the roof of the car was completely torn off. The electric car was thrown a distance of 30 meters from the contact point of the trailer of the truck. From the received traumas the passenger died on the spot. In the collision the truck driver was not injured.

a Serious degree of the accident

prior To this latest crash, in which appeared the autopilot, the collision was traveling at a slow speed of Google electric car and passenger bus in California. The incident caused only minor damage to vehicles and resulted in no casualties. A new incident has far more serious consequences: the incident was a black day for the manufacturers of unmanned vehicles.

Link statistics

in the meantime, Tesla refers to statistics according to which, among all cars in the United States registered a fatal accident every 94 million miles. Today, unmanned vehicles have driven more than 130 million miles in test mode. And though the statistics speak in favor of electric vehicles, it is a weak consolation.