Why you should not get behind the wheel of sneakers-the sneakers?

I Hope you know that wearing flip-flops or shoes with high heels while driving a vehicle — a very bad idea. What about other shoes, such as sneakers are the sneakers? You may not believe it, but sneakers — tennis or running shoes, whatever you call it, — could cause accident. You don't want to hate them for being put on, sitting behind the wheel, right? Of course, the truth.

a Big danger to be mistaken with foot pedal

on average, every driver can make mistakes with the pedal 11 to 20 times per year, according to the estimates of road transport services. That's not the only situation when you squeezed the clutch instead of on the gas — and accidentally drove into the neighbor's house. It is also when your foot is located on a pedal, accidentally hurt and the next. You may not even notice it until it become for you a fatal error.

now think about the sneakers that have too broad platform to ensure you safety while driving. When you are in the car shoes is very important. Yet studies assessing the effect of such shoes on the incident on the road. But if you think about it logically, until you get to your destination, you will have to change the pedal many times, and the wider the shoes, the higher the risk of mistakes. Incidentally, for the same reason, I could learn to brake with your left foot, just in case.

Sneakers can cause numbness of the feet

If you have a stiff leg in the process of driving, you will not be able to seek help from a friend with the words: “Hey, you could drive my car? It's fun!” And that can easily happen if you put on sneakers. They can be fine and incredibly comfortable to run around the stadium, but the situation in which it appears in such shoes your foot, extremely uncomfortable.
now If you're going to drive, to begin with put on comfortable shoes, place your feet on the pedal and try to drive. You will notice how much more comfortable you to control the movement of the car. This can be compared with a tightrope Walker need to feel every inch of the rope under his foot — not in vain because they wear special shoes for this.

Shoes for driving have come up with not just

If you ever shop paid attention to shoes of drivers you should know: it's not just a marketing ploy. It really is specially designed for the drivers shoes, and usually they look pretty cute. They are not too wide, with a soft and narrow sole, and feels — as if you're wearing leather ballet Slippers, “hugs” your feet.
Any kind of footwear, which has a soft and thin sole well suited for the sensitivity of the feet — when you step on something like a pencil, you exactly determine the shape and size of the object. The same thing happens while driving. It is important to understand which pedal is your foot and not hurt if it is accidentally nearby.