We write a tender snowdrop oil

Until the spring is very little, but today we can create a spring mood with colors on canvas! I propose to write a miniature "A gentle snowdrop". The master class is designed for beginners, so it is written in very detailed and simple language. 
In the work we need the following materials:

  • synthetic brushes round (2, 3, 5, 8);
  • a large flat brush;
  • acrylic (white titanium);
  • Oil paints (white titanium, violet dark, cadmium yellow light, blue FC, turquoise, natural sienna, English green light, sky blue). Of course, you can use other similar shades, because we are writing an independent picture, not a copy.
  • canvas, cardboard or plywood;
  • diluent (tee, linseed oil). "Tee" is very convenient, I recommend at the initial stage to use it. Thinner No. 1 (for washing brushes);
  • soft cloth (wipe brushes);
  • plastic or wooden palette.

For writing miniatures I use a dense cardboard 13x18. It must be covered with a double layer of acrylic whitewash and wait until it dries completely. We also deal with plywood. This is done to make the colors look cleaner. If you have a primed canvas, then you do not need to cover it with acrylic. He is already ready to write a picture. 

butterMaster Class

On the palette squeezes a small amount of paint all at once. Belil can squeeze out more. 
oil paintingpainting
We outline the contour by a very dilute sienna. Dilute on the palette, taking the right amount of "Tee" (or oil) with a brush. How much you need to take the "Tee" you will understand in the process of work.

Then proceed to the background. It should not be homogeneous. We use blue, blue, violet and turquoise paint, adding whitewashing here and there. We apply color spots, mixing the paint on the boundaries of the spots. Before you take a new color, carefully wipe the brush. The paint should not be very thick, but it should not be transparent, we try to find the optimum amount of diluent.

giftpainting lessons
The transitions of the flowers should be smooth, so we carefully blend the contrast areas with a clean brush.

drawing lesson
In the left corner, below the flower and on top of the leaf, we have bright spots - blurry snowdrops in the background. They are needed in order to create a photo effect with a blurred background.

In sharpness, we will only have a large flower, so the second snowdrop also draw a blurry, shading edge brush. Use a mixture of white and blue.

Stems and light leaves we write a mixture of green with yellow and a small amount of white. Light falls from behind, so the shadow is in the middle. Apply the shadow mixture of the hallowed with a small amount of blue and sepia. The edges of the stems are left with a light halo. 
A dark leaf is written with a mixture of the same colors that we used for the shadows, but we add more blue and sepia. 

A little bit of snowdrops are shown in the background. To do this, lighten the middle of the white (which will mix with the lower layer and get a bluish tinge), shading edges. 

Whitewash with a small amount of yellow slightly highlight the petals of the second snowdrop.

Now go to the flower of the foreground. The mixture is white and yellow paint over the edges of the petals, a mixture of white and blue - the inside.

We put a little bleached violet shadows. Strongly bleach the color is not worth it, because it will mix with the light bottom layer.

Violet strokes intensify the shadow at the base of the petals and at the tips, we shade the edges.

We write the middle of the flower in green and superimpose it for the volume of the shade with a mixture of green, blue and sepia.

With clear whites, we highlight the light sections of the petals. We estimate the general view of the picture, and if necessary, deepen the shadows or add light.

I strengthened the shadows slightly on the calyx and placed a light green highlight on the top of the cup.

Our picture is ready. It turned out very tenderly and in the spring :) Such a picture can be framed and presented to my mother or sister on March 8 :)

Thank you very much for your attention to the master class! 
If you liked it, put your finger up :) I will be very pleased.