Only 1 hour of sleep doubles the risk of car accident

According to the latest data, sleep, shortened only for 1 hour, almost doubles the risk of having an accident the next day. And if you get behind the wheel after 4-5 hours of sleep, chances are that it will crash, increase by 4 times. “This is comparable to driving in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication», — I warn road security.

Why is it important to sleep?

“This is the first test of the effect of amount of sleep on the ability to drive and risk getting in an accident”, — says Brian Tefft, author of the study. He adds that before the duration of the getaway driver has not paid much attention to what is fundamentally wrong.

“the American National safety administration traffic (NHTSA) recognized the problem of lack of sleep and will soon develop a new strategy to deal with driving in a sleepy condition, — said Brian Thomas, Director of public relations of Federal Agency. — Not everyone decides to drive while intoxicated or risk typing messages in parallel with the driving, but anyone can be behind the wheel sleepy”.

National institutes of health recommend that healthy adults sleep seven to nine hours every night. Adolescents and young people, being a long time in a state of sleep debt, you may need even more time to sleep and recover.

Sleep deprivation leads to slowed reactions, impaired attention, inability to navigate on the road and can cause fatal errors.
“of Course, many people understand that driving while sleepy can be dangerous, but thanks to these studies, we have real confirmation of this fact, — says Tefft. — Now need to think about how to control this state of drivers”.

What studies have shown?

the report analyzed data on road accidents for the last time. The researchers chose approximately 4,600 cases of accidents that occurred due to the fact that the driver started to fall asleep at the wheel, in the period from July 2005 to December 2007. At least one of them resulted in instant death and towing what's left of the car.

Specially trained investigators examined the sleep duration of each of the injured drivers to assess whether sleep deprivation is the cause of the accident. And after that examined in detail the accident that occurred for other reasons. In most cases, the drivers of the second study group was awake.

“the Value can be even 1 hour of sleep, at eleven and a half times increases the risk to create an emergency situation on the road», — say the researchers.

Drunk or sleepy?

About the same results showed the drivers whose alcohol content in the blood was from 0.12 to 0.15 ppm. In most States it is considered a drunk driver, which this figure exceeds 0.8 ppm.

At risk — young and old

The youngest and oldest drivers, as it turned out, sleep less than others. The middle-aged drivers usually have an accident for other reasons and less.
Jake Nelson, head of road transport services, who participated in the study, warned the people and asked to schedule your sleep so that there is no risk of accident due to lack of sleep. “Who else do you take care of yourself and your family?», — he added.

restful sleep influences our condition in General, it is not only on the roads is important to us attentiveness and ability to quickly react and navigate. Get enough sleep, take care of your health and good roads!