Bright autumn eco-bag with your own hands

I want to share with you an idea for creating an individual thing - eco-bag. 
We all go shopping, sometimes not once a day, and such a bag can become a replacement for a plastic bag.

Fall 2016

I want to add that anyone can draw, even one who thinks otherwise. Simple intuitive drawing helps us relax, enjoy bright colors, be alone with ourselves or create with children.

I took a ready-made bag, unfortunately, my machine was broken. The bag is pretty simple, I think you can make it yourself or, like me, find it ready at the Fair of Masters. 
A bag of unbleached coarse calico, a bit yellowish in color. 

For manufacturing, you will need:
- a bag (or cloth); 
- paints for fabrics; 
The cheapest ones are Decola quite suitable, or you can use other companies like Marabu, Pebeo and so on. 
Colors: yellow, red, green, blue, black, white, gold. 
- a glass of water; 
- a palette (or a saucer); 
- paper for the sketch; 
- Brushes, thin for small drawings and thick for the background; 
- disappearing felt pen for fabric (you can sketch a sketch and a simple pencil);
- good mood and desire to create.

Let's get started! 
1. Prepare the drawing bag. The fabric should be smooth, if necessary, it should be ironed. 
2. Put a dense cardboard and paper inside the bag. The paint can seep inside and dirty the other side. Also, dense cardboard will give shape and will not let the figure die. If the fabric stretches, it should be pulled on something hard and fastened on the sides with clothespins.

Master Class

3. We need a form. As a symbol of autumn, I will use a maple leaf. You can take any other form. 
I draw directly on the bag, a special marker, which disappears after 24 hours. 


I decided to add an inscription that I previously printed. You can write by hand or not write at all :) 
Paint with ornaments and the inside.


Hint! If the picture does not like the disappearing felt-tip pen, you can erase it with water. After drying the cloth, draw the drawing again.


4. And now the most interesting. We create a background. We pour out the necessary colors on the palette. 
The main thing do not be afraid to spoil something. Turn on nice music and do it from the heart. Just enjoy it.

I will use: yellow, red, blue, green. 
Drawing I put or render a flat brush (synthetics), to me it is more convenient to her. 


I started with a green and yellow paint, mixing them periodically. Slowly painting the background.


Advice! In order not to get dirt between the colors, wait until the paint dries. Trying to rub the color, adding more water, make a smoother transition. 

I made the sheet white with a blue transition near the text, as if resembling the coming winter and snow.


Now it looks so-so, then you will see what beauty turns out in the end.

I just hurried and painted the inscription right away, it's better to do this after working with the background. 
For the text, I mixed black and gold paint.

own hands

In dirty places, I went through gold paint to soften the color.

5. Then the funniest! Postelite newspaper around the picture on the nearest meter, the minimum. 
We make the paint liquid, depending on the density of the finished.


And start splashing! 
Picking up more paint. Carefully, so as not to drop in the wrong direction, we beat the brush on the index finger of the left hand (if you're right handed).

floral ornament

The paint is scattered from you, so all that is in front of you will fall under the shooting drops of paint, be careful. 
If you take a bigger brush, then the drops will be larger.


Advice! If you do not want the colors to blend, wait until the same color dries and proceed to the next. 
If you wake the brush vertically, you get a line of splashes. Alternating colors and distributing the drops evenly over the entire surface. Our background is almost ready. 
Be sure to add a spray of white paint, it very well creates contrast and juiciness.

Maple Leaf

If you do not have enough points somewhere, you can add them with a thin brush.

6. Draw the outline of the sheet with black paint.


Extra drops on the text, I later painted over, minus the fact that I hurried with the inscription.

We wait until all the drops dry thoroughly.

7. Then meditation begins. I wanted thin lines, so I'll draw a cone made from a flower package. 
How to do it, you can see in my previous master class or drive in the search engine - "how to make a cone for henna." 
You can also draw with contours for the fabric. Improvise.



I will use simple elements from mehendi: dots, curlicues, circles, flowers, cucumbers, lines.

a bag

You can use elements from zentangle or dudling. Step-by-step pictures are called "tangles". They are very simple and I think anyone can do it. 

Starting from the leaf, diverging to the sides, slowly fill the background.

pattern on fabric

If you try to use the background line in the drawing, to do the core or edge of the shape, you get a separate colored part. It looks very cool. 
To the edges I drew smaller details, as if coming to naught. I added black circles for the composition.

That's what happened in the end!

After drawing the picture, as written on the jar of paint, it is necessary to fix it with a hot iron. Pat the pattern through the fabric, without steam. You can erase at 30-40 degrees, preferably turning the picture on the wrong side. 

I hope I inspired you to paint, and I think that you will get better! 
I will be glad to see your work in the comments. 
Pleasant creativity! 
In daily practice, at least 15 minutes is important. 

P.S. I hope you will forgive me for some photos not in daylight.