What accessories for a car not worth spending the money?

If you really love your car, you are probably faced with what sometimes appears “head to toe” to cover up its various newfangled gadgets to “baby” was the most beautiful, isn't it? But instead of trying to throw money at all those sugary decorations that make you look like an idiot, better to buy something really useful. So, today we will tell about the devices, which should not appear in your car.
Meet 9 gadgets that are in the top sales on the website amazon.com but definitely not worth it to buy them.

a steering Lock and an alarm tracking and other devices

Sounds like a good idea, right? The lock attached to the steering wheel definitely will not allow the thief to turn it off. But 30 years after the release of this product to the market, despite all the "real history", used as advertisement, we have to admit that this thing still has a flaw: it does not work. The fact is that if someone really wants to steal your car, no lock will not be able to stop him. Modern rudders are not particularly strong, they can easily loosen or break. So it's absolutely futile.

hammock for animals

We absolutely support and understand your desire to protect the upholstery from fur and various, uh, “incident” with the seats. Of course, you must have some protection to ensure that the dog has marked your car. Means for monitoring the safety of Pets in the vehicle too little, and this somehow does not strongly developed. In the event of an accident, this hammock can play havoc with your dog, you don't want that, right? Next time, when traveling, wear your seat animal seat belt in the front seat or do not take it with you.

“Bags for fishing” items between the seats

This is the strange and mysterious gadget for vehicles. Yes, many people like to turn the cabin into a living room, hammering it with various objects, but it is necessary to monitor the lost things?

Let's be honest: what do you hope for “catch”? A few small coins? It fell out of a cabbage Burger or fries? In this case it is better to spend money on interior cleaning and remove all this rubbish from the machine. And against phone loss, you can buy magnetic mount — they are now a bunch of variety.

Halogen fog lights

extremely bright light bulbs for fog lights only good in theory. And the problem here is not so much in them, but the inconvenience that you deliver to other drivers on the road. If you do not have time to turn them off in time, it is easy to blind the driver, the chariot to meet him.

another problem of these lamps will appear when you scratch the headlights. In this case, light is diffused also in the side, making it difficult to review not only those who come forward, but those coming behind you. In General, it is not advised to acquire them.

push-Button panel on the steering wheel for one-handed operation

We can talk endlessly about how bad the idea of buying something like that. First, almost 100% of cases there is a risk that one button doesn't work, and this will lead to a crash. Second, control the car with one hand, in principle, is very dangerous. And thirdly, in some countries, such acquisitions are illegal! In fact, we are not inventing, it's called "the button of a suicide”. So please, forget even to think about to buy such in your car!


Well, this is a great way to tell the world that you smell bad or your car is low level of sanitation. And if this is indeed the case, try to imagine the mixture of smells that will linger in the car: sweat and pine needles? Or maybe stale socks with lime? In addition, many people like to hang up the flavor in the mirror that is very distracting the driver's attention and could cause an emergency.
Counter-proposal: make your hands the pouch with a sachet of dried flowers or coffee beans and cinnamon and put it under the seat.

wheel Covers

basically, it's a pretty reliable thing. Such a cover will last for many, many years, and everything would be fine, but… If it was necessary, why would the manufacturers not to produce cars with fur from the wheel? But the fact that between the hand and the surface of the steering wheel must be the grip, and a soft fluffy cover may play at a crucial moment a cruel joke — and you simply won't be able to handle it.

Protective pads on the doors to avoid damages someone else's car

If you like “embellish” the car and various gadgets, it boggles the mind why you like this accessory? After all, these pads do not serve in order to protect your machine from damage and to protect others from your negligence. Seriously, if you don't know how to properly Park a car or so do not respect others that are going to ruin their property, — take bus no.

Brushes for cleaning disks

now seriously. Someone came up with the idea to reduce the toilet brush and use it as a newfangled brush for cleaning the wheels, and people immediately thought: “Hmm! What a great idea! Drives my car dirty. The toilet brush was too dirty. Where's my credit card? Take my rdquo;.

In the world there are a lot of really good brushes for car wash: with the right stiffness, comfortable and not making you an idiot in the eyes of others.
Suggest to take seriously a selection of accessories for the machine.