How to make an interior picture "Mountains" per hour

"Mountains" is a landscape for beginners.

This workshop was inspired by the work of decorators Angie Frank and Monique Day-Wilde.

The technique of performance is simple, consistent and accessible even for beginners. Time, materials and artistic skills require a minimum, and as a result, a lot of pleasure from the process and a wonderful interior picture with such a tempting plot - nature, air, mountains.  

  the mountains

For work we will need: 

 • canvas;

• Palette: ultramarine, blue FC, white titanium and purple;

• a sponge for dishes;

• stencil paper, matching the size of the canvas;

• a simple pencil;

• Brushes.  


Step 1. Design

On a sheet of paper (you can collect a sheet of several sheets with the help of paint tape) with pencil we apply the broken lines future mountains. You can use analogues to help yourself, find photos of mountains, for example landscapes of Patagonia or the Caucasus. 

acrylic paints

Step 2. Sketch - stencil

We will work starting from the bottom edge of the canvas and gradually moving upwards. Therefore, we take a sheet with a sketch in hand and tear off the bottom part of the drawing along the line.   


Step 3. Paint application. First plan 

Now you need to prepare the paint. On the palette, lay out the ultramarine (dessert spoon), add goluboy FTS on the tip of the knife and half a teaspoon of purple. It is not necessary to strictly follow the recipe, you are guided visually, evaluating the result. It is important that this will be the darkest and most saturated color in the future picture.   


Step 4. The color base 

Apply the sheet (which is already without the bottom part) to the canvas. On a piece of sponge we pick up the paint from the palette and stamping movements, holding the paper, we pass along the entire torn line. We remove the stencil and fill the entire area in the same way down to the edge of the canvas. We move energetically and do not regret paints. Note that the sponge is quite specific and not an exact tool, so do not try to get everything out according to the line. We'll return to the clarity of the lines a little later. 


Step 5. Texture

The first plan is the darkest and most saturated, but we will also add textures to it. You can do this with crumpled paper. On still not dried up paint it is necessary to be traversed by a lump, easily припечатывая it in different directions.   

brushes painting acrylic   

Step 6. Ascent

We repeat the process. We tear off the paper along the next line, apply it, stamp it with paint and remove it. But in the paint we already mix white titanium, to lighten the tone, you can also add a little more blue FTS. 

The stronger the difference will be in the color between the foreground and the back, the more optical distance will be obtained on the canvas. That is, between the first mountain range and the one on the horizon.


And from the edge just applied, we go color down, gradually adding more and more white. 


Each successive ridge will be slightly lighter than the previous one. To avoid monotony in the color scheme, alternate shades. First a blue row, then more violet (adding a drop of purple). 

Each mountain range should turn darker to the tops and lighter to its base. The middle part of the gradient is applied with a sponge, we finish the process with a flat synthetic brush.   


Step 7. The Sky 

The sky starts from the mountain tops of the background, and in color from whitewashed, then we move upward and mix the blue FC and a little ultramarine, we get a smooth gradient. We use a flat synthetic brush.   


Step 8. Bring to mind

The outline of the mountains is drawn with a brush. We collect white, hold a section about 10 cm and shade the paint with water until it has dried. Thus we stroll through all the bends and get the fixing effect of air and distances.   


We paint the ends. The finished picture can be covered with acrylic lacquer. All is ready!  



Changing the color palette can affect the weather in the mountains. 

- violet, magenta, yellow medium and white titanium; 

- Burnt umber, cobalt blue, orange-red and white titanium. 

It will be dawn or sunset, it's up to you!