Draw a cat based on paintings by Kim Haskins

Today I have for you a new photo review with a drawing of a cat in the technique "Painting with wool."

Photo review will be with a little description, because in my blog I have described many times all the ways of laying the wool on the picture and other nuances, so I give only link, go through it and read all the details :) Well, those who are already familiar with the technical side, you can not waste your time on this and look further!

For drawing such a cat, I use the drawing method (for drawing a wool), the method of cutting and twisting (eyes, antennae), a method of tweaking for the background.

Before starting work, I glue the base of the picture with a cloth so that the coat does not slip.

Using the method of tweaking, I lay out the background of the picture, I have a beige, but you can also use any other color. Above, I lighten the background a little light gray (you can light blue). You can and without this, in principle.

By stretching method I spread the first outline of the cat, laying the wool in the direction of growth of the fur of this cat :)

Master Class

I continue the second row. Something like the layout of the wool for wet felting.

painting with wool

I reach the middle and work in a dark purple color.


The first layer is ready, I start the second, I take a light lilac and tint on the sides.

how to draw a cat

I add a bit of blue on the sides, on the forehead and down. Almost over the lilac, as if enriching it. I want the wool to shimmer in different shades, as in the picture of Kim Haskins. After that, I add lilac to the tone lighter the former and brighten some places on the sides and in the middle.

painting by own hands

how to draw wool

I draw a breast and a muzzle in white.

woolen cat

Along the edges I toniruju a breast a lilac shade, on a muzzle I repeat the same. You can and not only lilac - blue and blue, too, will not be superfluous! 

cat of wool

I pass purely white color, I re-isolate the breast and muzzle. I put my paws in circles, spread out the white stripes on the top of my paws. At the bottom of the legs I use white (a soft, slightly vanilla white shade). The lower part of the feet is toned at the very bottom with a purple hue (it can be blue).

photo review

step-by-step guide

draw with wool

I begin the creative process, which can be reduced if desired (for example, to children).

At this stage, I will strengthen the volume of woolen strands of this shaggy and fluffy cat. Between the white strands, I very gently and transparently tonify the blue and lilac, and between the black hairs - blue and violet. Periodically re-overlapping in black places in black , and in light ones - white (most often at places of transition from color to color), so that there are no sharp and rough transitions. In places of white breast and muzzle, in addition to penumbraes, I add new, pure white strands. Some of them I twist on the ends. On the paws I add light (white) and dark violet, dividing each foot with stripes into 3 parts. On the head grow small ears. On the sides (on black) you can add a little gray hair (optional). If something turns out to be crooked, then in the process you can use scissors and paint (adding or reducing the wool). I draw a thin striped strip, dividing the face in half.

The lighting changed slightly, the night changed for the day, and the colors in the photo became colder. But the meaning of this was not lost, I hope!

I trim the yellow color, collect it in a bundle and roll circles for the eyes. Then I tint the eyes with other shades, so that the eye sparkles (a little ocher and light yellow), I add the pupils. I draw the antennae with a normal thread. I slightly overlap these tendrils (thread) from the beginning of their growth in white color, so that they stick out of the wool and do not seem to be a foreign body, I also make eyebrows above the eyes, like the antennae. Well, maybe it's not called the eyebrows, I just do not know how to properly call "antennae above the eyes" :) I hope everyone understood what I'm talking about. I add a nose, I form it with scissors.

The cat is ready!

And this is our wonderful source - the source of inspiration! In principle, you can add the same wonderful droplets of wool, rolled small-cut hair into peas :) On the source kit, the cat is actually blue, but I wanted to make it black ...

And here's another cat! I attach only a photo, without a description, because everything was done by analogy. The photos here are not very good in quality, I did them when I just made friends with the camera, or rather, not quite yet made friends :)

That's how he looks in the finished form under the glass. I took the photo without the glass and edited it closely to the variant, as it looked in the finished form under the glass! At the drawing stages, I do not edit the photo, because all small details are clearly visible on them, which are difficult to see when looking at the finished picture from afar. 

I wish everyone good luck! Send me your cats, which you will do yourself, ask questions, if possible, I will answer :)