Design paper for 1 minute? Easily!

The decision came unexpectedly. I remembered the monotype!

A bit of theory . Monotype (from the Greek "monos" - one, single and "tupos" - imprint) - one of the simplest graphic techniques, the origins of which date back to the 17th century. The essence of monotypy is the application of paints on a smooth and smooth surface, with a subsequent imprint on another surface (on the machine) or on paper folded in half. The resulting print is always unique, and it is impossible to create two identical works. Further, the resulting color or monochrome blobs are either left in their original form, or they think through a suitable image and draw the missing details.

So, we need:

  •  paints (watercolor, gouache, acrylic)
  • suitable textured paper (since I plan to do boxes later, I took a tablet for watercolor)
  • brushes


Now for the cause! I will show the creation of a monotype by the example of a small postcard 

1.The paper of the paper for watercolor 


2 Draw a blob with different colors of paint. Water should not be very much, but the surface should be sufficiently wet.


3. Cover the blot with a second sheet of paper.


4. We palm down the palm. Carefully remove, pulling the edge.


5. I repeat the procedure several times until I get the right number of divorces.

6. Then the work should dry. You can finish it or leave it as it is. I saw a pink forest here.


So, experimenting with flowers, combining acrylic and watercolor, overlapping several layers, I got such a paper:



And now you can fold the boxes in a convenient way. I got this:




Thank you for attention! Good luck!