Photo review on painting with wool. Drawing "Sunflowers"

My photo review is devoted to creating a picture of wool on the theme " Sunflowers ." It is designed for those who already know the basic methods of working in the technique of "woolen painting" and made their own pictures, so there will be few photographs and descriptions. I chose the plot as picturesque, without a special drawing, where an important spot is assigned to a color spot.

For work, I used merino, thin and super thin, sharp scissors, fabric and the basis for the picture (hardboard).

The fabric is glued to the base of the picture with a glue pencil, so that the coat is well laid down and not lost.

The methods of laying out the wool used in this picture :

The method of stretching is  pulling out even fibers of wool from a combed log, imitating a brush stroke;

Method of plucking or tweaking -  wrapping the wool around the finger, we pull out the upper wool from the butt, creating a tangled bundle, a cloud;

Tear-off method  pull out the strand by pulling and remove excess from it, forming a smear of the required length. It is important that the strands are thin and transparent, otherwise they will be very hard to break.

The method of nipping or cutting is  all that is done with scissors, sharp and comfortable! In this picture, I almost did not use this method.

The layout of the wool I start with the main color - it's white vanilla or light ocher (clarified). Then I add other shades of light tones (white, light blue, light lilac). In the lower corners I add dark shades of yellow-green (olive) and shades of brown. 


 painting with wool

The light is colder in tone, the shadow is warmer. 

Master Class

I add a little yellowness to the places where there will be flowers of sunflowers. The background is already ready, but at the end of the work it can be modified as needed (to strengthen the light, shadow or add an additional shade, simply put, that the soul will tell).

To work was gentle, with soft transitions, I work with transparent strokes, leaving no sharp transitions (except for exceptions), smoothly moving from tone to tone.

I mark the arrangement of foliage. I use dark green.

woolen watercolor

drawing sunflowers

I brighten the leaves and separate them in tones. Gradually and transparently!

I'm drawing flowers.

a picture of wool

I twist the petals on the ends.

wool painting


All the fragments of the picture first form the main color spot, and then correct the shape and toniruyu need other shades.

van Gogh

In the process of drawing, all details are finalized, the composition is formed in color and shape in a complex way!


At this stage, I finished the picture! In my opinion the picture is ready! I hope that this photo review will inspire someone to create their own picture of wool!

If you have any questions, I will answer them in a private message or in comments.